• Earth

    I am as old as the earth
    4.6 billion years old
    Are they concerned about my age
    I have been screwed by the sapiens of the earth... more »

  • Earth Ii(The Destruction)

    I've known a world where the dark don't sleep

    A world where white hair... more »

  • Invitees Of Misfortune

    They sneaked into the limbo of time,
    Packaged but never arranged on a straight line,
    Partial moralists and Barrets of our time,
    I remembered the times we were blind... more »

  • Ray Guns

    Historical memoirs
    Told by my mother
    Heard by my mother's mother
    Experienced by the mother of my mother's mother... more »

  • The Battleground

    In times about
    Chaos reigned
    pandemonium ruled
    And fear dominated... more »

  • The Cult Of Personality

    I am the best in the world
    I've been the best
    Ever since day one
    Trust me when I tell you... more »

  • The Day Of Promise

    By the angels who extract with violence

    And by those who remove with ease... more »

  • The Kingdom Of Speciality

    I've seen the beauty of the ocean waves
    I've seen them travelled to reach the land
    I've dreamed about taking a journey
    To a place along the sea... more »

  • The Morning Hours

    I've not conquered
    golden cities
    Like Napoleon and Alexander did
    But I've fought greater battles... more »