• Can I?

    can i scream and not be heard?
    can i cry and hope that no-one hears my sobs?
    i'm trapped in this person
    i don't wanna be... more »

  • Dear Me

    Well i feel as though i've lost myself
    i really have no idea where it all
    went wrong
    was it the day i tried to be someone else... more »

  • I Miss You

    Now as i sit here in your room
    even though your gone
    I can smell you
    that sweet apricot smell... more »

  • My Age Means Nothing

    I might only have been around for a few years
    Some of you might even say my lack in years
    Might have an influence on my view on
    Certain things... more »

  • This Can Only Drive Me Crazy

    never not even in a million years
    would i have thought that i would
    feel like this
    loving so intensely... more »

  • U Cannot Define Me(It's Already Been Done)

    I am who I am because of the goddess
    Who gave birth to me
    With her round body and her
    Oooh so perfect childbearing hips... more »

  • When It Hurts

    Last night I lay and cried
    I had to
    I was hurting
    Letting some of the pain go... more »