Baby Blue November 25,1988

well, what can i a typical college student; however, i don't conform to the typical stereotype of the modern idea of college students. one can say that i go against the grain when it comes to things that are 'normal' for people my age. the truth is, i believe in having high standards and morals, and believe in never compromising them in order to please someone.

I hold to the Holy Word of God to set the standards in which i so firmly believe. I am what some people would call a 'Bible-thumper'....just to let you know, i take that as a complement! ! I am proud of who and what i am and have become.

my poems are feelings that i have experienced. Poetry, is my sort of 'journal or diary'. i use it as a way to express and release emotions that i feel should not be bottled up.

I really hope you enjoy them...feel free to rate and comment on them! ! i would love to hear what you think! !

also feel free to email me! ! ! im a very friendly person, i like meeting new people, so don't be shy! ! !




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hey gurl keep it up love ya! ! hugs and kiss pumkin