• Fight

    You're so bad at being nice,
    Your heart must be filled with ice.
    You fight and fight and fight and fight,
    Always thinking that you're right.... more »

  • French Bread

    I wish i could live inside a warm loaf of French bread,
    The scent fusing all around me,
    A fresh smell that also gives you the satisfaction of feeling whole.
    As I walk down the brick path and witness the busy streets, I cannot help but stop and admire the difference between the countryside and the city.... more »

  • My First House

    I arrive at this new home with a lot of apprehension,
    I feel as if I'm in another dimension.
    'My very first house and it makes me feel like a mouse.'
    It all looks so foreign; I feel an increase of melatonin.... more »

  • My Name

    ... more »

  • That Very Moment

    That moment,
    That moment when all seems lost.
    Everything you know and love has evaporated.
    You desperately search for more but,... more »

  • The Girl With The Hot Pink Handlebars

    ... more »

  • Unfamiliar World

    I look though eyes which are not my own
    I feel through a body which does not belong to me
    I see an unfamiliar world
    Throwing me into a swirl... more »