• A Foresaken Garden

    I enter the court
    Through the middle gate—
    And my sleeve is wet with tears.

    The flowers still grow... more »

  • A Lament For My Son, Ts'Ui

    You were a pearl
    In the palm of my hand,
    My tiny baby boy.

    Why is it that I,... more »

  • A Song Of The Palace.

    ... more »

  • A Suggestion To My Friend, Liu.

    ... more »

  • A Visit To Qiantang Lake In Spring

    Gushan temple north Jiating west
    Water surface first flat cloud base low
    Several places early orioles fight warm tree
    Every house new swallows peck spring mud... more »

  • After Collecting The Autumn Taxes

    From my high castle I look at the town below
    Where the natives of Pa cluster like a swarm of flies.
    How can I govern these people and lead them aright?
    I cannot even understand what they say.... more »

  • After Lunch

    After eating lunch, I feel so sleepy.
    Waking later, I sip two bowls of tea,

    then notice shadows aslant, the sun
    already low in the southwest again.... more »

  • After Passing The Examination

    For ten years I never left my books;
    I went up ... and won unmerited praise.
    My high place I do not much prize;
    The joy of my parents will first make me proud.... more »

  • An Invitation To Mr Liu

    Green ant new unstrained beer
    Red clay small fire stove
    Evening come sky almost snow
    Can drink one cup not?... more »

  • At The End Of Spring

    The flower of the pear-tree gathers and turns to fruit;
    The swallows' eggs have hatched into young birds.
    When the Seasons' changes thus confront the mind
    What comfort can the Doctrine of Tao give?... more »

  • Autumn Cold

    here's my snowy crown
    time's tinted decrepitude
    there's the frost in the courtyard
    autumn's glittery breath
    now I'm sick and just watching my wife
    pick cure-alls
    then I'm frozen waiting for the maid
    to comb my hair
    without the body
    what use fame?
    worldly things
    I've put aside
    I delve my heart
    determined now
    to learn from Empty Boats!... more »

  • Autumn Thoughts, Sent Far Away

    We share all these disappointments of failing
    autumn a thousand miles apart. This is where

    autumn wind easily plunders courtyard trees,
    but the sorrows of distance never scatter away.... more »

  • Drunk Again

    Last year, when I lay sick,
    I vowed
    I'd never touch a drop again
    As long as I should live.... more »

  • Eating Bamboo Shoots

    My new province is a land of bamboo-groves:
    Their shoots in spring fill the valleys and hills.
    The mountain woodman cuts an armful of them
    And brings them down to sell at the early market.... more »

  • Enjoying Pine And Bamboo

    I treasure what front eaves face
    and all that north windows frame.

    Bamboo winds lavish out windows,
    pine colors exquisite beyond eaves,... more »

  • Escorting Candidates To The Examination Hall

    At dawn I rode to escort the Doctors of Art;
    In the eastern quarter the sky was still grey.
    I said to myself, 'You have started far too soon,'
    But horses and coaches already thronged the road.... more »

  • Feelings On Watching The Moon

    Time hard year famine life land empty
    Brothers live abroad each east west
    Fields gardens few fall shield spear after
    Bone flesh flow apart road road on... more »

  • Fishing In The Wei River

    In waters still as a burnished mirror's face,
    In the depths of Wei, carp and grayling swim.
    Idly I come with my bamboo fishing-rod
    And hang my hook by the banks of Wei stream.... more »

  • Flower No Flower

    Flower no flower
    mist no mist

    arrives at midnight
    and leaves at dawn... more »

  • Going Alone To Spend A Night At The Hsien-Yu Temple

    The crane from the shore standing at the top of the steps;
    The moon on the pool seen at the open door;
    Where these are, I made my lodging-place
    And for two nights could not turn away.... more »

  • Golden Bells

    When I was almost forty

    I had a daughter whose name was Golden Bells.

    Now it is just a year since she was born;

    She is learning to sit and cannot yet talk.... more »

  • Grass

    Part part plain on grass
    One year one wither flourish
    Prairie fire burn not destroy
    Spring wind blow again life... more »

  • Grasses

    Boundless grasses over the plain
    Come and go with every season;
    Wildfire never quite consumes them --
    They are tall once more in the spring wind.... more »

  • Hearing The Early Oriole

    When the sun rose I was still lying in bed;
    An early oriole sang on the roof of my house.
    For a moment I thought of the Royal Park at dawn
    When the Birds of Spring greeted their Lord from his trees.... more »

  • Illness And Idleness

    Illness and idleness give me much leisure.
    What do I do with my leisure, when it comes?
    I cannot bring myself to discard inkstone and brush;
    Now and then I make a new poem.... more »