Bal Ram Adhikari (1977) is a Translation Studies Researcher and translator, essayist, poet and teacher educator. He is Lecturer of English Education at Faculty of Education, Tribhuvan University. Mr. Adhikari is a campaigner of reading culture in Nepal. He has widely translated for different institutions, including Nepal Academy, SAARC Cultural Center, Columbo, Nepal Folklore Society, WHO and Conflict Management Partners, DFID, Government of Nepal, Ministry of Environment (AEPC) .


Bal Ram Adhikari Poems

No Time To Speak

There is no time to speak
When I am at work
There is no need to speak
When the work is over... more »

Dear Death!

Should YOU show up when I am in bed
Still awake
All aware
Neither sunk in regrets... more »

To The Sun

To the sun I rise
With the sun I climb the height of life
With the sun I hang in the open sky of life
With the sun I climb down... more »

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