• Dear Death!

    Should YOU show up when I am in bed
    Still awake
    All aware
    Neither sunk in regrets... more »

  • I Am The Tree

    Only I was there, sitting upright
    I saw no one but myself... more »

  • No Time To Speak

    There is no time to speak
    When I am at work
    There is no need to speak
    When the work is over... more »

  • The Heavier You Carry Your Self

    Dear friend! Lose the weight of your SELF.

    The heavier you carry your SELF
    The harder you might fall... more »

  • To The Sun

    To the sun I rise
    With the sun I climb the height of life
    With the sun I hang in the open sky of life
    With the sun I climb down... more »

  • Where Am I?

    Where Am I?

    Where am I?
    Where a cloud is robbed of rain... more »