• A Confession

    I get up at middle of night
    And start thinking of you.
    You may not believe me,
    But that's what I do.... more »

  • A Mystery

    I can never stop loving you - that's the problem!

    Not in Summer, not in Winter,... more »

  • A Perfect World (Celebrating Father's Day)

    Like many little girls,

    My childhood was a lot about playing with my dolls,... more »

  • An Oasis We Have Reached

    Travelled a long path,
    A tumultuous journey,
    Stormy nights,
    Drudgery of days,... more »

  • An Old Piano

    An old Piano in front of me!
    Try to bring back the music when I used to dance like a butterfly, and glide like a swan!
    No cares in the world touched me!... more »

  • Another Morning

    There will not be another morning for me when I will be frolicking around in a little garden,
    chirping like a tweeting bird,
    Like the birds cheeping right now so early in the morning,
    competing full-throated with the Cello-Music playing on my desk.... more »

  • Different

    Life is pretty crazy, sometimes crazier than what you expect.

    Sometimes love comes from nowhere,... more »

  • Dream Children

    Every minute of our children's life is planned,

    Before-school and after -... more »

  • Dreamed A Dream

    Yesterday night I dreamed a Dream,
    I am back in that little garden,
    Where we met,
    Among Roses and Jasmines,... more »

  • Far Yet Close

    We are so far away, yet so close!
    How did that happen, my dear friend,
    How did that happen,
    Can you tell me, years ago? !... more »

  • I Write!

    I write -
    A child demanding sweet potato and roti,
    Daughter exhausted looking after sixty patients,
    A man not finding his keys,  ... more »

  • Like A Peacock

    My heart dances like a Peacock,
    When I hear your voice!  
    It emerges from far,  
    Brings the tempestuous ocean to me,  ... more »

  • Metamorphosis

    After each time I speak to you, I feel like singing,

    Or dancing in the rain.... more »

  • Mornings Sublime

    Music, birds, flowers-
    All the bliss in the world!
    Unblemished sky, sunshine reflecting on the chimneys I can see,
    A part of Moon still visible at mid-sky.... more »

  • My Elfin Krishna

    I have no idea how to teach this cute little guy,
    Who has no clue what sound does a D make,
    Or a K,
    But I let him be the teacher today,... more »

  • Niskriti - Translation From Rabindranath Tagore

    Mother cried and said - " Manjuli is my baby girl

    You are going to get her married, to someone... more »

  • No More Time

    There is no more time to hesitate,
    I have waited long enough.
    The sky was blue,
    The air was crisp,... more »

  • On My Birthday

    On my birthday,

    You gave me the greatest gift of all,... more »

  • Pictures We Carry In Our Mind

    There are some fascinating pictures on my wall,

    Some of them are so old, I hardly recognize myself,... more »

  • Pretence Makes My Day

    The unparalleled blissful part of my day is Dawn!
    Open my eyes, and see you beside me!
    Close my eyes again, feigning to sleep,
    I know you are going to kiss on my closed eyes,... more »

  • Sandcastles

    The other day I was walking on the beach,
    And found a little boy unwaveringly making sandcastles!
    How much I felt I was him!
    Making sandcastles all day, till today!... more »

  • Shopping Can Be Uplifting!

    I love shopping! Please don't look at me shocked!

    Such a treat,... more »

  • The Perfect Moment

    I want to go back to that moment -

    the moment of inexplicable expectation!... more »

  • Why?

    Why didn't you tell me when you loved me so much?
    Then why did you love me at all?
    I looked at you, you looked back at me with an intent look,
    And then you dashed away like someone will catch your heart throbbing!... more »

  • Witness

    Not sure when I started loving you.

    Was it when we got up at dawn... more »