• Arithmetic Advice

    Translate the thoughts
    Of those around you
    Think wise, analyze twice
    To make life easy to go through.... more »

  • Gift From Above

    You made my soul slew
    Round the raw roads
    Where can only reach a few
    With sound and sublime senses.... more »

  • Great Victory

    Change in the wind
    Change in the rains... more »

  • Helping Hands

    Possessions pass away
    Passions and promises perish
    Playful life it is but..
    Helping hands are honoured forever …... more »

  • Where Is He?

    Why do you try to define?
    He is hardly definable
    Search deeply from within
    You can find Him pretty visible.... more »

  • Withered Rose

    Withered rose
    (The logic why not to be gloomy)

    The spring of amour had left... more »