• Ashes

    Light extinguished, glimmer defeated,
    spread across my heart, a sacred scar
    the oxygen of time a cliched healer,
    locked in a cage my joy hath retreated.... more »

  • Autumn

    The colour orange
    has become the new black
    graces the pavements
    adorns stark cul de sacs.... more »

  • Born Knowing

    Cherub faces

    born knowing... more »

  • By The Brook

    On a dew kissed rock a man sat and listened
    to the rhythmic murmur of the brook
    its smooth meandering pathway
    hypnotic caw of nesting rook... more »

  • Child Of Neptune

    Never did fit in to the restrictive box
    corners too rigid, angles too sharp
    hard and unyielding, no space to soar
    crushing pressure on the spirit... more »

  • Devil In A Bag

    All the tell tale signs

    a mother always knows... more »

  • Fledgling

    My once impenetrable refuge, my Inner Sanctum,

    Invaded and defiled,... more »

  • From Space

    Not from the wombs of crashed meteorites
    infinitesimal bacteria propagating life
    random collision, accidental fusion
    challenging the belief of sentient vision.... more »

  • Hello Stranger

    Over thirty years we've been acquainted

    it seems I know you less and less,... more »

  • Inked


    A flood of black ink deluged the page... more »

  • Keepers

    Majestic, imposing, gargantuan, sleepers

    Nature's grand monuments, all seeing eyes,... more »

  • Last Domino

    Reliving old memories
    movie reel in constant loop
    drowns the thundering silence
    screaming through the walls,... more »

  • Love Lost

    Illusion of progress

    the passage of time... more »

  • Magician Of My Yesterday

    Magician Of My Yesterday

    I have witnessed thine every colour
    hues that blend and merge... more »

  • Ode To Amethyst

    Oh purple blaze
    like a garden of violets
    in Summer's sweet haze... more »

  • Sleepless

    Past the point of no return

    dreamland that once beckoned... more »

  • Thank You And Adieu

    The die was cast, the mold broken
    a unique specimen of altruism and imperfection,
    never to shadow my path again
    but a legacy of lessons bestowed... more »

  • The Designer

    Humanity an experiment, or a flawed masterplan

    billions of universes filled with gaseous stars... more »

  • The Fairy Parade

    Tissued wings like dew kissed gossamer webs,

    fluoresce and flicker an enchanting dance,... more »

  • The Grid

    I think I've been connected to a grid

    high voltage shocks of electricity... more »

  • The Move

    The Move

    Biting, squalid, pitch hued November morn,
    concrete pavement, hopscotch feet... more »

  • The Shift

    There's an undercurrent of change sweeping city and dale

    a quiet awakening of old secrets buried deep,... more »

  • The Song

    A heavenly harmonic, a celestial chord

    permeates our reality through a paperlike gauze,... more »

  • To Live In The Moment

    To inhale each breath from a peaceful harbour
    embracing life's ether in a woe laden heart
    releasing old fears, making peace with sparring demons
    accepting vulnerability, shedding life's armour.... more »

  • Uninvited Guest

    A guest uninvited
    holds residence in the temple
    crept silently with feline stealth
    as it slid between the mantel.... more »