Barbara Byrd Biography

well for starters my name is can call meh Babs or BB(cause there is a B in my last name too) or ya can call me barbie(even though i perfer not but whatever) ..ok that's overc hmmm what else can I say about me..well i get along with people easily. that's a plus but just cause i get along with the doens't mean they understand me. sometimes i'm just really misunderstood but i easily understand how others feel weird huh how that can switch up oh well.i'm a deep thinker at times but then agian i can be a complete ditz(XD yup it's true) ! i like to have fun (who doesn't?) and half the time i'm outgoing, hyper, and random lol. The other half the time I'm quiet, shy and calm. (yeeaa i have a spilt personality) but i'm 100 % me and i'll be no one else i don't wanna be....I'll listen to anyone's problems if they want me to or if they need a shoulder to cry on I'm here. I don't really get angry...well...i do. But I don't have much of a temper like i used to @_@; ; ...when i do get angry..please be fearful for flying chairs and or lamps. lol but mostly i'm all around a kewl person WOOT! ! ! ! ! ! ! and I lurve making friends and learning about them you can never kno too much! ^_^ OHH and anything else you would like to kno. don't be afraid to ask away!