• A Friend

    I have this one friend
    Shes one of the best
    We tell eachother secrets
    For having her as a friend... more »

  • Brother

    It seems like my brother is consumed
    With the computer
    In ninth gradehe failed a class
    But everyone knows he didn't need a tutor... more »

  • Love

    Love is the fuel that keeps me going
    day and night
    love is that warm feeling i get when my mom makes chocolate chip cookies
    Love is when i perform whether its good or bad... more »

  • Loveeee

    Do not jusdge me or i will judge you
    do not hate me or i will hate you... more »

  • Sister

    I sit waiting for my sister
    To come into the house
    I know I must be mellow
    For shell be quiet as a mouse... more »

  • Waves

    Moms in the kitchen
    Daddys at his desk
    My sisters going out
    I'm trying not to pout... more »