• Dialogue With Death

    Death, walk the path of life with me,
    Destiny I hear your call.
    Life's twin I claim you too.
    Don't hide until the curtain falls... more »

  • Gods Die At Twilight

    Covered by the sands of time the many gods are gone
    The sphinx half buried ravaged now while other gods are born

    Stonehenge with its phallic pillars were some of the first tombstones... more »

  • Looking For Santa

    We Dont need an analyst
    its simple
    a short cut to riches... more »

  • Love Grafitti

    wrote your name in my poetry book
    A rose I pressed inside

    You wrote my name on a restroom wall... more »

  • My Dreams Betray Me

    Huge old doors
    carroded hinges, brass fixtures
    open to dark passages
    leading to earthen tunnells running endlessly... more »

  • My Resume In Karma

    I boast of having my degree
    in working on 'Things Spoiled by Genes',
    a master in electric shock therapy... more »

  • Preconcious

    Man has life like a span of time
    Rather than pulse and blood and breath
    The magical psyche has a hole inside
    Where the spatialization of time can abide... more »

  • Space Song

    A basket of stars
    the center missing

    Eerie apparition... more »

  • Talk About Time

    No first page
    no last
    infinity... more »

  • Timespace

    How did I find you where you are
    hidden in a double star

    Undetected shining bright... more »

  • Trying To Get Ahead

    I see it all
    though my eyes are closed
    I remember it so clearly
    understanding but comprehending nothing... more »

  • You

    I dreamed of you last night
    The image that I once loved
    obliterated in hate... more »