• Another Night

    tormented by your banging, the pins rattle-
    frightened within their hinges
    relentless, RAP, RAP, RAP
    i tire of the predictability,... more »

  • Ask Me Tomorrow

    i wanted to write you a poem
    ode to the best time of my life
    i forgot the words, my thousand descriptions of you... more »

  • Bliss

    by chance
    they met again
    after lives of passing stark divides
    by choice... more »

  • Contradictions

    oh love beast
    loosen your grip
    i plead for the hundredth time
    full knowing... more »

  • Death By Als

    enveloped in itchy blankets
    breathing damp basement air
    little voice encapsulated in broken body... more »

  • Dt's

    why shiver my love?
    i close the window
    your tremble persists
    i close my eyes,... more »

  • Madly

    she fell
    plunging through the sweetest air
    The next day... more »

  • Our Moon

    Still, dark night
    i cease talking to God
    i am talking to you
    You are watching too... more »

  • Philly Toll 321

    Number 321
    for the year
    that's how you'll be
    recorded and remembered... more »

  • Proof Of Love

    often not that you should pass me
    except- that day
    in a field of dancing poppies
    you peeked, standing still near the brambles... more »

  • Reply To Poemhater

    The cows are pissed
    you ooze cheese
    you sneeze cheese
    sounds like you want to be cheese!... more »

  • Reunion

    We crawled backwards
    through time
    we narrowly maneuvered
    the meager hole... more »

  • Taken

    relinquishing control
    to the powers that be
    not likely... more »

  • The Man

    Man of the house
    acting wounded, growing small
    petting your grief
    with hard swift strokes... more »

  • Will To Stay

    cupping my ears with my hands
    nya! nya! nya!
    i can't hear youuuuu
    don't leave, don't leave, don't leave... more »

  • Wood

    The floor is cool upon my face
    breathe in-
    vibrations from your boots fade
    breathe out-... more »