• A Bushman's Love

    You say we bushmen cannot love—
    Our lives are too prosaic: hence
    We lose or lack that finer sense
    That raises some few men above... more »

  • A Memory

    Adown the grass-grown paths we strayed,
    The evening cowslips ope’d
    Their yellow eyes to look at her,
    The love-sick lilies moped... more »

  • A Song

    I've a kiss from a warmer lover
    Than maiden earth can be:
    She blew it up to the skies above her,
    And now it has come to me;... more »

  • A Song From A Sandhill

    Drip, drip, drip! It tinkles on the fly—
    The pitiless outpouring of an overburdened sky:... more »

  • A Valentine

    A Valentine The Bree was up; the floods were out
    Around the hut of Culgo Jim:
    The hand of God had broke the drought... more »

  • A Vision Out West

    Far reaching down's a solid sea sunk everlastingly to rest,
    And yet whose billows seem to be for ever heaving toward the west... more »

  • A Wayside Queen

    She was born in the season of fire,
    When a mantle of murkiness lay
    On the front of the crimson Destroyer:
    And none knew the name of her sire... more »

  • An Allegory

    The fight was over, and the battle won
    A soldier, who beneath his chieftain’s eye
    Had done a might deed and done it well,
    And done it as the world will have it done—... more »

  • An Easter Rhyme

    Easter Monday in the city -
    Rattle, rattle, rumble, rush;
    Tom and Jerry, Nell and Kitty,
    All the down-the-harbour “push,”... more »

  • At Devlin's Siding

    What made the porter stare so hard? what made the porter stare
    And eye the tall young woman and the bundle that she bare?

    What made the tall young woman flush, and strive to hide her face,... more »

  • At The "J. C."

    None ever knew his name,
    Honoured, or one of shame,
    Highborn or lowly;
    Only upon that tree... more »

  • Babs Malone

    Babs Malone Now the squatters and the cockies,
    Shearers, trainers, and their jockeys
    Had gathered them together for a meeting on the flat;... more »

  • Desiree

    Will she spring with a blush from the arms of Dawn,
    When the sleepy songsters prune
    Their dewy vestments on bush and thorn,... more »

  • Down The River

    Hark, the sound of it drawing nearer,
    Clink of hobble and brazen bell;
    Mark the passage of stalwart shearer,
    Bidding Monaro soil farewell.... more »

  • Featherstonhaugh

    Brookong station lay half-asleep
    Dozed in the waning western glare
    ('Twas before the run had stocked with sheep
    And only cattle depastured there)... more »

  • Fogarty's Gin

    A sweat-dripping horse and a half-naked myall,
    And a message: ‘Come out to the back of the run—
    Be out at the stake-yards by rising of sun!... more »

  • From The Far West

    'Tis a song of the Never Never land—
    Set to the tune of a scorching gale
    On the sandhills red,... more »

  • How Babs Malone Cut Down The Field

    Now the squatters and the “cockies,”
    Shearers, trainers and their jockeys
    Had gathered them together for a meeting on
    the flat;... more »

  • How Polly Paid For Her Keep

    Do I know Polly Brown? Do I know her? Why,
    You might as well ask if I know my own name?
    It's a wonder you never heard tell of old Sammy,... more »

  • Jack Corrigan

    "It's my shout this time, boys, so come along and
    breast the bar,
    And kindly mention what you're going to take;
    I don't feel extra thirsty, so I'll sample that... more »

  • Jack's Last Muster

    The first flush of grey light, the herald of daylight,
    Is dimly outlining the musterer's camp,
    Where over the sleeping, the stealthily creeping
    Breath of the morning lies chilly and damp,... more »

  • Jimmy Wood

    There came a lonely Briton to the town,
    A solitary Briton with a mission,
    He’d vowed a vow to put all “shouting” down,
    To relegate it to a low position.... more »

  • Jim's Whip

    Yes, there it hangs upon the wall
    And never gives a sound,
    The hand that trimmed its greenhide fall
    Is hidden underground,... more »

  • Josephus Riley

    The rum was rich and rare,
    There were wagers in the air,
    The atmosphere was rosy, and the tongues were
    wagging free;... more »

  • Kelly's Conversion

    KELLY the Ranger half opened an eye
    To wink at the Army passing by,
    While his hot breath, thick with the taint of beer,... more »