Basu Maan Biography

Basu Maan, born in India, was forcefully schooled, without his liking for any such restrictions. He went on to study Chemistry, Education and Management in depth. He is also a recognized English poet with many publications and a book “Oasis: A Far Cry (ISSN 9788176258999) . Recently his paper “No Instant Solution for Indian Higher Education Crisis” was published in an anthology (ISSN 9788181523310) . he has noteworthy publications in Science, Humanities & Education.
In his childhood years, he had to stay home all by himself as both his parents were in government service. In those long hours, he used to initially gaze at the spines of the books stacked in the shelves and alcoves around the living room. Then he started to play with the books of his parents – dad’s Mathematics and mom’s English books. Though naturally he could not make much sense out of those thick books for many years but he ingrained a liking for Mathematics and English both. His parents wanted him to be a doctor and for that he had to trade-off Mathematics and trade-in Biology. Though he didn’t end up studying medicine yet his father’s subject was left far behind. Basu Maan Daas is now Assistant Professor in India.
Since school days, he has been writing poems in English which gradually turned into his passion. He gradually became the favourite poet of many of his friends, more so because of his impeccable capacity to write poems instantly on demand. Many experiences and influences came into his life and went away, all these years, but not before leaving him a richer and better poet, each time.
His poems have always been symbolic and thoughtful in nature, and are regularly published in college and university magazines and newspapers.