• A Reason To Smile

    When he prayed to his God
    under the vast overhanging sky
    for a reason to be happy,
    surely, He listened to his sigh.... more »

  • A Tryst With Loneliness

    Feeling sheer pity
    for the lonely heart of mine –
    that, to throb furthermore,
    perhaps has forgotten,... more »

  • A Tussle Forever

    The vast overhanging sky – blue, bright,
    adorn with floating clouds – silky white,
    looks down upon the sea, so full of pride,
    having the moon close – always held tight!... more »

  • Arranged Marriage

    He loves her body
    that she does hate,
    he owns her flesh
    as he’s her mate –... more »

  • December – 1971

    Now the important news,
    reading out all over again.
    From the white house is being spread,
    as contraceptive, peace vocalizations.... more »

  • Fragrance In Air

    White fluffy snow flakes
    on the stiffened wiry hair
    can smell the beloved ‘her’
    in the utterly foreign air…... more »

  • Immobile

    A brawny hunk
    stands in the house
    still, unmoved,
    espies all inmates.... more »

  • India

    Local men,
    their dialects –
    talk of the town.
    Some residents... more »

  • Let's Go

    There, beyond the woods,
    miles over the valley
    somewhere far away;
    there, where rainbow hangs... more »

  • Once – Still – Now

    Still, soft rain drizzles
    upon this sleeping vale,
    untimely shower washes
    the pitch and gravel.... more »

  • Suicide In Love

    Silent forest to the left
    and deep gorge to the right,
    stood as mere witness
    when she walked out of sight.... more »

  • To The One Not To Be Proposed

    Surely you hate
    can't love
    your room,
    this suburb,... more »