• A Thousand Candles

    She is a thousand candles burning bright
    She is the lantern leading me out of the night
    She is a well of water in the midst of a drought
    In a maze of life's madness, she shows the way out... more »

  • All Wrong

    sometimes i get jealous when i hear them sing
    of love and friendship, and empty things
    i had love once, but now it’s gone
    all i have left are the poems and songs... more »

  • Blood Red

    The Devil’s nails are sharp, blood red
    She cuts your soul: if you scream, you’re dead
    She rips you to shreds, but you bear the pain
    Because you have too much to lose, and nothing to gain... more »

  • Burn On

    In the darkness, there is no light
    No love, no laughter, only endless night
    I stand by the altar, my soul dripping in sin
    I stare at the heavens, where I won’t be let in... more »

  • Burning Bones

    Oh, you think that this is funny? You think that it’s a game?
    You set my heart on fire, but left me burning in the flames
    Burning bones hurt much, much more than broken, bloody hearts
    But let me see how loud you scream when I rip yours apart... more »

  • Bushy-Tailed Dreamers

    All these bushy-tailed dreamers
    With stars in their eyes
    Chasing wishes and hope
    But Luck passes them by.... more »

  • Candle

    A single candle shines
    For a single soul
    like a shrine
    It flickers with each gust of wind... more »

  • Can'T Stay Away

    Pssst! I love you!

    ...did you know that?... more »

  • Comatose

    I'm speaking, but you can't hear me
    I'm waving, but you're blind
    I'd hug you if you came closer
    But it doesn't cross your mind... more »

  • Confessions Of An Ex-Teenager #546

    i don’t know if you remember the day my
    fish died it closed its mouth and floated up
    to the top of the tank and it lay there on its
    back for hours until i finally got brave and... more »

  • Creak

    Late at night, when I can’t sleep,
    I listen to the floorboards creak
    Beneath the weight of all the ghosts
    Who haunt the dreams I love the most... more »

  • Crow Halloween

    When my heart is lost, and love doesn't last
    My mind wanders back to love in the past
    I remember the love I loved in the summer
    I remember the day I found him with another... more »

  • Dirty Little Secret

    i’ll make you my
    secret.... more »

  • Escape

    There was still metal, melting in my soul
    it stung
    as it hardened into solid gold.
    And there were rocks... more »

  • Faded Faces

    we are the children whose silence is pain
    the bloodstains washed out in metaphorical rain
    our brains bearing scars from words, jabs, and punches
    caught up in corridors, stalls, and cafeteria lunches... more »

  • Home

    i've never known a home i fly
    just like a bird above the world and i
    see cities flutter and blow away but
    i'm just a stranger, no place to stay.... more »

  • Hummingbird Girl

    She's a hummingbird girl, with her heart on her wings
    As she flitters and floats amongst bishops and kings
    She feeds upon nectar from life's sweetest flowers
    Oblivious to her strength, her kindness, and power... more »

  • Insanity's Pleasure

    The metal glistens on my neck
    As it falls onto my chest
    It cuts my skin, causing me pain
    Is it a necklace, or is it a chain?... more »

  • Jealous

    I had a friend, but now she's gone
    She found she couldn't stay for long
    She had to leave because she found
    That jealousy's a fertile ground... more »

  • Jungle Rap

    My head tilts back, and I scream my rage
    I’m the king of the zoo, I’m out of my cage
    My mane stands on edge, I’m stylish and cool
    Bow at my feet, ’cause I was born to rule.... more »

  • Just Begun

    There's a beautiful sound that a wounded bird makes
    When it screams its last breath as its slender neck breaks
    And the sweet, salty tears of a puppy in pain
    As its once-loving household turns slowly insane... more »

  • Let Them In

    There are monsters in the night
    They cover my eyes, and blot out the light
    They come out of darkness, born out of sin
    There is no escape once they’ve been let in... more »

  • Living In You

    I can’t lose you; you’re all I have
    If I don’t have you, then I’ll go mad
    I can’t let go, can’t go on my own
    I am too scared to be left all alone... more »

  • Lost

    love they tell me love i laugh love
    is a legend from a long-lost past love
    came once so freely but we love no
    more because love leaves you broken... more »

  • Love Lockdown

    Love is a crime that binds us to pain
    Handcuffed to walls of heartache and blame
    Bleeding from scabs cut out of our hearts
    Leaving us broken, with souls torn apart... more »