• 27 And Gone To Heaven

    27 and gone to heaven
    red blue purple tie dyed shirts and jeans
    lost before learning what life means
    big fat green bell-bottoms big fat ties... more »

  • A Handsome Man Sits On Her Couch

    A good looking guy sits on your couch
    You've been married to him for ten years
    He doesn't watch football or drink any beers... more »

  • A Little Boy Wrote A Rhyme

    Many days ago a little girl laughed
    A little boy wrote a rhyme,
    Life was fun life was right,
    They both had quite a great time... more »

  • A Little Fawn Dances Through A Meadow Bare

    A little fawn prances through a meadow bare
    You are captivated and drawn to stare
    Little white spots on her pretty brown coat
    You're afraid to move your heart in your throat... more »

  • A Sandcastle Waits For Your Return

    I'm touching you in my minds eye now I don't really know
    Where my next few words will go
    I just don't know what else to say
    I'm crying my eyes out anyway... more »

  • A Teardropp Too Heavy

    When you and I first separated
    I wanted to run off and hide
    I created discussions between us
    I Strangled my love deep inside... more »

  • Absence Of Color When We Dream

    I sit in the dark with the pc screen on writing to girls i can't meet
    We depart yet i'm hoping that something remains the absence of color incomplete
    The absence of color when we dream
    The absence of hope when we fail to seem... more »

  • Absence Of Color When We Dream (Sequel)

    a warm cup of milk and i drift off to my minds eye to free associate
    in my imagination unconscious there is no time to negotiate
    we dream without color dont you see
    but a wonderful world of imagery... more »

  • And I Kissed All Of Their Cheeks

    Now I am a reticent desperado
    Having entered on a tornado
    Exited on a surfboard
    The latest trip was joyous... more »

  • Another Child Moves On

    The flowers in a still life painting never move
    The phonograph needle on a record album never leaves the same groove
    But in another town in another place
    Another child is born to the human race... more »

  • Ars Gratia Denero Vs Art For The Sake Of Art

    I am looking at a black widow spider crawling trapped inside a teacup
    What would happen to me if I chose to drink her up?
    I am looking at the amber pattern art on the side of the teacup
    As trapped on the outside as the spider is inside... more »

  • Autumn - Life And Death Surround Us! (My Personal Fave)

    I walk in the park and I hold my breath
    We are always surrounded by life and death
    Old old men playing bowls on the lawn
    Tiny little children float boats on a pond... more »

  • Battle To The Death Over Groceries And Toys

    Days, a few days i knew
    Man with son, son with dad
    I saw a new South
    No man knew the law... more »

  • Be Gone Yvonne

    Black hair black glasses black dress black shoes
    Someone has to win someone has to lose
    Left her muse behind
    Lets her heart unwind... more »

  • Beau Golden's Epitaph

    Given my freedom what shall I place
    Upon a blank slate abo' time or space?
    Must I yell out that man is a beast?
    Or simply oppose war and beg for peace?... more »

  • Beautiful Natalie

    I look at most things and i see her
    She is everywhere but
    I cannot smell her anymore she is gone
    I cannot touch her taste her anymore... more »

  • Before I Finally Enter Darkness

    Before I finally enter darkness
    I wish to be surrounded by friends
    All waving farewell and broadly smiling
    With Kisses and hugs eternally beguiling... more »

  • Bitter Blue Blanket

    chocolate chip cookie bitter blue blanket
    tie dyed shirt and buttermilk biscuit
    i cant help you when u need a kiss
    songs are born of pain such as this... more »

  • Black

    dressed in Black
    no flair i lack
    thinner winner dropped in back
    good to be back in the sack... more »

  • Blessing The Bright Yellow Day

    Almond brown eyes sigh why o why
    My o my her hearts a little down
    Perhaps she's beginning to frown... more »

  • Bodies Entangled In Threes

    Bodies entangled in threes
    All merely hoping to please
    Bodies entangled
    Hair dangled... more »

  • Bound And Waiting

    There you are bound and waiting
    i see the cuffs holding you still
    the sweetness of you dripping with anticipation
    furthering soon we will our relation... more »

  • Cari Ann Are We Loved?

    There's a pretty little angel out there whom I have never met
    Her heart floats above the waves it doesn't dare get wet
    There's a pretty little angel whom I may never know
    Cause Cari Ann feels it hurts too much to let her heartlight show... more »

  • Carmenita

    I've been to the place where the women are perfect
    But no one will give you the time
    When you get to the point where you're deeply in love
    Life can lose reason or rhyme... more »

  • Carolyn Dropped A Rose In My Lap

    Carolyn dropped a rose in my lap
    And then just walked away
    It's something that she has to do
    She's a mommy again today... more »