• Clown Contest

    A circus clown,
    turns his head upside down
    Tilts his head to the rear,
    slowly sheds a tear... more »

  • Crying For Attention To Deaf Ears

    Days without end
    Thats how it feels when u r alone
    I know so many people. 5 times more than most.
    So much to take care of... more »

  • Dark Depths

    What lurks in your dark depths
    your blackest thoughts?
    me? I want the simple things in my darkest thoughts
    Castro to die a painful death... more »

  • Dark Glasses Coke Bottle Comic

    when the novelty wears off will u vomit?
    when u c the damage of never trying to smile?
    when u lose your optimist?
    Suddenly u r back in the magic store... more »

  • Darkest Hue Of Blue

    The darkest Hue of Blue I feel today it's almost black
    I know i'll never be with you I cannot have you back
    The darkest Hue of Blue i feel i'm floating in the sea
    The darkest Hue of Blue because you'll never be with me... more »

  • Dead To The World

    I am dead to the world
    What I mean to say is i die each day
    What I mean to say is i am only clay... more »

  • Deadliest Kind Of Pain

    Sometimes you wander through an empty life
    And you can't find solace or love
    Sometimes you're hurting because you can't hold
    The person you're dreaming of... more »

  • Dear Mylani

    Dear Mylani,
    I love your feet
    I love your seat
    I'd rather love you than beat my meat.... more »

  • Death In A Fresh New Suit

    You are stifled creatively soaked in coal
    You sniff the wind and smell hyacinth
    You watch the children play then go home and cry
    You wake up again and yearn to die... more »

  • Delight In Phoenix

    Delight in gilbert
    COnstant dessert
    Delight in phoenix
    a river of we dids... more »

  • Desolate Sands

    Embroidered pillow of brown lace and satin
    coated with big fat drops that look like water
    But its salt because the drops came from the eye
    Ahh, the eye... more »

  • Dystopia Mine Rots On The Vine

    In a 5x5 room
    My impending doom
    I was your groom
    You built my tomb... more »

  • Ecstasy Love Fest

    instant fever and sweaty feeling...suddenly overwhelmed by a feeling best described as euphoric well being..relaxation..love.for all..instant fever and sweaty feeling...suddenly overwhelmed by a feeling best described as euphoric well being..relaxation..love.for all..
    the senses hurtle through the universe and passion and joy are one.

    fulfillment of a lifelong dream, to feel as a beauty pageant winner must feel or an academy award winner if only for a few hours until it sours... more »

  • Endless Days Of She Loves Me Not

    Endless days of she loves me not
    Endless nights of cant kiss her anymore
    I die each day on the living room floor
    I die each night feeling love no more... more »

  • Fall

    Beyond the light of summer
    Beyond the growth of trees
    Past the flowering daffodils
    Away from Fuchsia seas... more »

  • Fart Button

    All of a sudden
    I saw the FART button
    Next to the classic art
    I pushed it to hear... more »

  • Fiona The Fair

    Fiona the fair i love your hair
    I'd love to kiss you on your front stair
    I'd love to hold you and make you care
    I love the way you smile and stare... more »

  • Flying Off Of Rooftops

    Raindrops, Rooftops
    teardrops, gumdrops

    shell shock, hard rock... more »

  • From A Dead Man's Point Of View

    Look at me I am so goddamned silly
    Holding this girls memory deep inside
    A long time ago we shared the same hope
    Now it has surely died... more »

  • Frozen In Eternal Night Our Bodies Lie Disparate

    My life will end without you I'm fighting for your heart
    I can see you as you are crying we can't bear to be apart
    I watch you walk a lonely quiet street while my body floats above
    I've drempt this dream so many times that this must be true love... more »

  • Funniest Thanksgiving Ever!

    I was 10, my brother was eight, '
    It was the funnniest Thanksgiving ever to date,
    I will tell u why you won't believe
    Its funnier than anything u can conceive... more »

  • Furr Love

    Love is a red dot that expands into a red heart that expands into a bright pink world that surrounds you when u give your heart away
    Love is a call from mom
    Love is a hug from an old friend who says 'i love you' today
    Love is spending time with your daughter... more »

  • Go And Do And Be

    Go and Do and Be
    Leave me alone to my Misery
    GO and Do and Fly
    Leave me alone to Cry... more »

  • Happy Dreams Of Murder

    I'll tell you what is wrong with me
    I hope you will not weep
    Happy dreams of marder are enchanting my nights sleep... more »

  • Haunted Poodle Attack

    Dont laugh cuz i am serious
    It almost made me delirious
    I almost lost my noodle
    The day i was attacked by a haunted poodle... more »