• Her Face Calms Me

    It is round so very round like the moon
    So very round i start to swoon
    Her laff infects and captivates me
    Her teeth reveal a character flaw... more »

  • Her Life Had Barely Begun

    Disagree with me if you must
    I will tell you what is just
    An eye for an eye
    Im that type of guy... more »

  • High On Painkillers Or An Ode To Percodan And Vicodin

    If i were not left to suffer and could leave this world at once
    I wouldn't still wander aimlessly behaving like a dunce
    If only my spirit could escape from here and travel off to the stars
    I would cease to seek solace in liquor... more »

  • Holiday In Hell, Isn'T It Swell?

    I would rather stick my fingers in a fan
    I would rather eat dog food from a can
    Than sit with relatives and pretend to have fun
    Than sit with relatives and pretend we are one... more »

  • I Always Loved You Tracy, My Lord!

    I always loved you Tracy, my Lord!
    You kept this teen from growing bored
    My self flaggelation increased instead
    It killed me to watch you really using your head... more »

  • I Am Poet, No More No Less

    An Assault on Obscurity is what i desire most
    Be thankful for tomorrow may find you at your last
    moment on Earth and at that moment
    May you feel completely alive... more »

  • I Cannot Die (Revised)

    Why would you hide from my eye?
    Why are you so shy?
    Why cry?
    Why sigh?... more »

  • I Hear Music When She Moves

    I hear music when she moves
    I hear rhythms when she speaks
    No one else can make my heart sing
    No one else makes my head ring... more »

  • I Love You I Hate You

    As his eyes open he sees bright neon lights after passing a giant rainbow
    The monoliths emerge and he again reaches the city called Sin city
    So many sweet memories in so short a time... more »

  • I Want To Touch Your Heart

    I have touched your body
    I have held your hand
    I have been your lover now
    We walked along the sand... more »

  • I Will Even Love You When I'M Gone

    I Will Even Love You When I'm Gone
    Oh when I'm gone yes when I'm gone
    I will even Love you when I'm gone
    Yes when I'm gone... more »

  • Ice Cream Dreams

    I have Ice Cream Dreams
    By that I mean
    So much can be seen
    a couple riding a tandem bike... more »

  • If I Am Ever Offered Your Heart

    If I am ever offered your heart
    I will care for it thusly
    three times a day I will feed it
    three times a day i will caress it... more »

  • If I Steal The Hearts Of A Million Girls

    If I were to steal the hearts of a million girls
    Then give them all up for your golden curls
    If I take the world like a lightning storm
    If i build a bonfire that keeps your warm... more »

  • Irene Had A Big Giant Heart, I Have None

    Irene had a big giant heart
    I have none
    Irene is gone and married
    She found the perfect one... more »

  • Iris' Belle Du Jour

    Iris? Iris are you there? An Interrogatory please?
    Where are u right now Iris? What are you doing?
    What are you thinking? Why are you silent?
    Yesterday, sweet yesterday. Screaming into my phone.... more »

  • Jenny Looks Like Goldie

    I saw her in person once the Arabesque prancer
    Goldie wasn't born to be someone's private dancer
    Walking proudly poised she was through Delta's main gate
    My wicked thoughts of her in her skirt made me a reprobate... more »

  • Jill Grieves Over What She Perceives

    Why die?
    I asked her why?
    Jill said it, not I
    Jill said, why live?... more »

  • Joyless Kiss

    When i first kissed you girl your mouth was open too wide
    I felt like i could drive a semi truck inside
    I looked down at your mouth and saw the septic hole
    The odor coming out smelled like the toilet bowl... more »

  • Just Leave Me Alone

    There she is a pretty little pink flower floating to me again
    We hug
    I kiss her cheek
    I smell her hair... more »

  • Kiss Away My Tears

    Take me out of danger
    Be the rearranger
    Of my torn down life... more »

  • La Belle Sultane (Beaten To A Pulp By Dark Purple Flowers)

    She was a stranger to me as we both sat down on the busbench
    It was 'La Belle Sultane' she blurted without looking right at me
    'what' I asked?
    'Flowers' she replied, 'right before the thunder and lightning'... more »

  • Laura Said It Wasn'T Red

    Look real quickly over there
    The hottest girl with auburn hair
    She's a beauty not a queen
    Queens don't come in red and green... more »

  • Le Petit Mort (French Orgasm)

    The french call it le petit mort
    She did suddenly exhort
    But it is so much more
    As u i silently adore... more »

  • Life Is Just A Parade

    Life is just a parade
    Of people you knew and Lemonade
    I want it to go away
    Life you are just a charade... more »