• Rana

    a little frog with a little round face and a big smile
    waited at the red pole all the while
    A big grin a delicate form a whim
    Rana is tiny so tiny and slim... more »

  • Requiem For A Murderer

    Blue eyes roll into the back of his head
    Another carcass drops another blond dead
    Nobody sees nobody cares
    Nobody stops nobody stares... more »

  • Roar

    We sit by the waters edge you and I
    Listening to the roar of the surf
    The white caps are so white
    The sun is so yellow and perfect... more »

  • Rosalynn Whose Heart I May Not Win

    I saw a little rabbit bounce and play
    While i was out golfing the other day
    Close enough to see her fur's not brown
    But white black gray she stood her ground... more »

  • Rosie Has A Fantasy

    Often when you lie alone you think of something wild
    Dirty thoughts you never thought when you were just a child
    You think about a woman lying next to you in bed
    Whose hands are tied with silky rope and up above her head... more »

  • Schizophrenia Shirlee

    My heart does not love a girl with four names
    My heart does not love a girl who plays games
    The girl who sings songs and dances in my brain
    Is the girl that I love but they're one in the same?... more »

  • Shelley's Salute-In My Love I Will Fail

    In my love I will fail until I endeavor
    A bond to create in our souls forever
    In my poem I will fail until I can find
    Verse you'll treasure and lock within your mind... more »

  • Sleepwalking Through Life

    A bright wet rose freshly watered
    A blue apron removed from her skirt
    a mother crying her eyes out over a loss
    A father emerging from a 12 hour work day torn and sweated... more »

  • So I Loved Skittles And Let Go Of Her Hand

    You wont want to believe what i have to share
    I am not you i take on every dare
    I can inspire i am on fire
    You sit in fear i have conquered all of mine... more »

  • Soft Pink Hand Red Silk Panty

    A soft pink hand and a red silk panty
    shared bites of chocolate candy
    a caress and a hug without duress
    given freely but clearly priceless... more »

  • Soft Smile

    Where are you now soft smile?
    You left me all the while
    Wandering through a world of hardness and dark
    Nowhere for my heart to park... more »

  • Sorrow Drops From Heaven

    Entwined i feel loved
    Embraced by a stranger with warmth and passion
    The cockroach interrupts the ceremony and i kill him
    No sorrow drops from Heaven... more »

  • Stuck Between Death And Creation

    embroidered lines of red gold and green
    there is nothing left in between
    i pray every day for salvation
    stuck between death and creation... more »

  • Susan

    textured scents of deep melancholy endings
    little purple glasses
    touches me so sweetly
    beatles songs, doors songs, elvis... more »

  • Susan I Remember You

    If i were to die at the end of today
    It wouldn't really matter much anyway
    If i never go anywhere never do anything
    I'll always have your name that i can sing... more »

  • Thanksgiving's Funniest Ever! ! Repeat!

    I was 10, my brother was eight, '
    It was the funnniest Thanksgiving ever to date,
    I will tell u why you won't believe
    Its funnier than anything u can conceive... more »

  • The Deep Dark Chasm Of Recurring Pain That Is Life

    4: 04 am
    I curse the coming dawn
    Another day of perpetual longing
    Another day soon gone... more »

  • The Eternal Peace Of Heaven

    The lady singer's voice holds a soft note and it resonates through my mind
    The red army is dying to vote humanity is still unkind
    My reflection appears in the glass of an angry saint a man i cannot paint
    The Eternal Peace of Heaven appears, so quiet, so quaint.... more »

  • The Tortured Princess

    I met a girl who was making me scream
    I met a girl who was making me dream
    I was twenty she was twenty two
    There wasn't much we didn't do... more »

  • There Is No She

    There is no she
    There is no yellow or bronze or brown
    The curtains are falling down... more »

  • There Stands Death

    There stands death
    a black distillate in a waitresses leftover coffee cup
    the only answer when even the echo does not reply... more »

  • Toy Soldier

    A silver bayonette in one hand
    A bottle of whiskey in the other
    Bright round green eyes
    Dark thick brow light mustache wise... more »

  • Turtleman

    A turtle rarely peeks out of his shell
    Don't want my neurosis I want to be well
    It's dawning on me as i drive in the rain
    I'm all alone once again... more »

  • Twenty Summers Die

    The smell of fresh cookies i inhaled so deep
    All of my senses excitable at hand
    For such a moment of passion the young men weep
    I have her at my command... more »

  • U Scream At Me With Your Silence

    I never thought in my whole life
    i would begin to hate the next day
    And the next one
    And the next one... more »