• At The Beach

    A suit so soft so slowly slips
    upon the sand from fingertips

    and skin unveiled its beauty gleams... more »

  • Cliche'

    ... more »

  • For Nicole

    If my eyes were despised and faded their guise
    and in blurry refraction go dim.... more »

  • Questions...

    Is it the understanding tones
    Your words so soft and yet so strong

    Is it the way you make me laugh... more »

  • Simply You

    I took a stroll across the sand
    a leisure lope along the strand
    and felt the warmth and smiling sun
    And thought of you amidst the fan... more »

  • Words

    Words are powerful entities themselves

    They can be used to strengthen, rejuvenate, and rekindle our energies... more »