• Bonduca

    Queen Bonduca, I do not grieve your fortune.
    If I grieve, 'tis at the bearing of your fortunes;
    You put too much wind to your sail: discretion... more »

  • Consolation Of Early Death

    Sweet prince, the name of Death was never terrible
    To him that knew to live; nor the loud torrent
    Of all afflictions, singing as they swim,... more »

  • Folding The Flocks

    Shepherds all, and maidens fair,
    Fold your flocks up; for the air
    'Gins to thicken, and the sun... more »

  • Lay A Garland On My Hearse

    Lay a garland on my hearse,
    Of the dismal yew,
    Maidens, willow branches bear,
    Say I died true.... more »

  • Love At First Sight - (From Philaster)

    Sitting in my window,
    Pointing my thoughts in lawn, I saw a god,
    (I thought, but it was you,) enter our gates;... more »

  • Poet's Mood

    Hence, all you vain delights,
    As short as are the nights
    Wherein you spend your folly!
    There's nought in this life sweet,... more »

  • Sleep - (From Valentinian)

    Care-charming sleep, thou easer of all woes,
    Brother to death; sweetly thyself dispose
    On this afflicted prince; fall, like a cloud,... more »

  • Song - Shake Off Your Heavy Trance

    Shake off your heavy trance,
    And leap into a dance,
    Such as no mortals use to tread,
    Fit only for Apollo -... more »

  • To Venus

    O divine star of Heaven,
    Thou in power above the seven;
    Thou, O gentle Queen, that art
    Curer of each wounded heart,... more »

  • Unfolding The Flocks

    Shepherds, rise, and shake off sleep -
    See the blushing morn doth peep
    Through your windows, while the sun
    To the mountain-tops has run,... more »