• Blaming You Doesn'T Get Me Very Far

    I can't get this off my mind and it's tearing me up,
    I try to let go but it all comes crashing back again.
    I try to deny how I feel towards you,
    I try to ignore the pain,... more »

  • Caught Up In The Drama That Surrounds Everyday Life

    Why is there so much drama
    in my life today?
    It's preventing me
    from putting my mask away.... more »

  • Countless Tears

    See these tears
    watch them fall,
    they're all because
    of this stupid wall,... more »

  • Cousins Are Sometimes The Best Friends You Could Ask For

    We were introduced in no unusual way,
    But I will never forget that first day.
    He went to shake my hand
    But saw that they were full,... more »

  • Depression Creeps Upon You So Slowly That Sometimes You Don'T Even Know It's There

    It crept upon me slowly,

    Of its presence I was unaware,... more »

  • Disillusioned Reality

    I see a girl, alone in this world,
    trapped inside a hellish swirl.
    I see a girl, lost and full of pain,
    surrounded by a sea of faces, who in happiness feign.... more »

  • Do You?

    Do you really want to be with me?
    Do you still care?
    Do you want to be together forever?
    Are we really that type of pair?... more »

  • Don'T You Remember?

    Don't you remember
    that nails in His hands?
    The thorns on His brow?
    The blood in the sand?... more »

  • Emotional Doors

    My life is falling apart,
    I have no control anymore,
    I can no longer keep closed
    these emotional doors.... more »

  • Fragile Heart, Broken Frame

    Fragile heart, broken frame,
    what's the point of this game?... more »

  • Free To Be

    I remember thinking,
    What is this feeling inside of me,
    I talked it out
    With a friend or two,... more »

  • Have You Ever?

    Have you ever had this tingling in your wrists?
    Where the only thing stopping you... more »

  • He Says He Wants To Die...

    He's depressed and he says he wants to die,
    he says there's no reason to live,
    and happiness is just a lie.
    I remember a time, not that long ago,... more »

  • Her Pain Is Slowly Fading Away

    There's so many things inside
    and she tries to hold on,
    but with Jesus Christ as her guide,
    she is forced to move along.... more »

  • He's No You...

    My broken heart is torn in two,
    anytime I think of you.... more »

  • I Am...

    I am from a past full of hurt and pain,
    sometimes it feels as if I've been to hell and back again.
    I am the girl who sometimes feels as if life is a hopeless fight,
    Some of the things I hide would make you die in fright.... more »

  • I Hate Me

    I hate the person I've become.
    I've changed so much.
    I've turned to thingd that won't help,
    run from God, and such.... more »

  • I Hate.

    ..I hate not being able to ask whats wrong.
    I hate that you don't seem to care.
    I hate how things have changed.
    I hate cold lifeless stares.... more »

  • I Miss You.

    He said, she said, the game of deceit and lies...

    It would be easier if we all just realized...... more »

  • I Need You

    I need you like the earth needs rain,
    I need you like an old lady needs a cane.
    I need you like fish need water,
    I need you like a mother needs her daughter.... more »

  • I See A Girl

    I see a girl,
    Crying all alone,
    I see a girl
    Sitting still as stone.... more »

  • If You Really Looked Into My Eyes...

    If you really looked into my eyes,
    you'd see all the pain and all the lies.
    If you really looked into my eyes,
    I swear to God you'd be so surprised.... more »

  • I'Ll Always Love You

    I'm sick of all this fighting
    why can't you see?
    I always feel like hiding
    whenever you're with me.... more »

  • I'M Sorry

    You expect so much from me,

    I just can't win with you,... more »

  • Judgements

    I am not who you think I am,
    not that you really give a damn.
    Your judgements hurt people from the inside out,
    but I guess that's really all this life is about.... more »