• A Child's Cry

    When I think of you,
    I see A child Cry
    I remember all the fights
    I remember the hits and the... more »

  • Dear Death

    Dear Death,
    I decided to Accept your invitation tonight.
    I came to join you to escape my problems.
    But instead of fixing them, I created more.... more »

  • My Friend.

    I have a friend, her name I can not say.
    Perhaps you'll figure it out many a strange day,
    this girl i know, she is so fine,
    she likes to dine at half past nine,... more »

  • Stupid Girl

    As The Tears Run down her face
    As all the wishes she ever wantend,
    As she watches the one she loves... more »

  • The Wicked

    I've Seen a Girl, Sitting on the ground
    turning away from destruction, only to find more
    more hate,
    more anger,... more »