• 6 Word Memiors

    I will be adding more later.

    1.I hate writing 6 word memoirs.... more »

  • How To Make A Lifetime Of Pain

    Many people say girls are made out of sugar, and spice, and everything nice.

    Well if you live in the world i live in thats not the case.... more »

  • Life

    Life We say life's a drag,
    We no its a scare,
    We just keep moving,
    But we don't know where.... more »

  • Say Goodbye

    Broken smile,
    Starless sky,
    Save it all,
    Say Good bye... more »

  • Silence

    Silence is a conversation,
    That has no sound.
    The thing that's heard,
    When nothing is said.... more »

  • Waiting...

    I hate waiting for you to get online,
    Wishing you were here,
    Wasting all my time,
    Starring in a mirror,... more »