• Giving All

    Giving all i had to offer
    So brave yet so torn
    Looking for answers
    Crying for losses... more »

  • Happy Endings

    It started so slow and ended so fast
    It was the last time I would ever see your precious face
    As I saw you laying in the casket
    A memory came into place... more »

  • Lost In A Bad Memory

    Lost in a bad memory
    The one memory that hurts
    The burning sound of your voice haunts me
    In my dreams I see your face... more »

  • One Nation

    One great nation
    Living in abomination
    We call this great country freed... more »

  • Special Someone

    Your smile just melts my soul
    I've never felt so loved as I do now
    The look you give me when your happy
    Touches my heart and makes me weak... more »

  • The Beautiful Breakdown

    Having a total breakdown
    A frown cannot tell what is true or not true
    You let me down for the last time... more »

  • The Escape

    emotions take over
    like giant ocean waves
    wishing there are such things
    as speical happiness potions... more »

  • The Pain

    The rain hides the pain in my veins
    through the forbidden fields dark to white light i see
    somethings are never meant to be
    I need my wings to soar high into the sky.... more »

  • The Reflection

    sitting in the dark
    starring at the wall
    Into the mirror that reflects who you really are
    Tiny specks of light creep through unterneath the door... more »

  • This Place Must Be Heaven

    This place of mine
    Has me in a big bind
    I've been searching
    For a place to call my own... more »

  • You

    You look at me like you actually care for me
    Though you hurt me, burnt every last bit of my heart out and put
    me all to shame.
    All you ever done was blame me... more »