• All Bottled Up

    I don't want
    To let it out
    don’t want
    for it to show... more »

  • As The Leaves Fall, So Does Care

    A walk in the park used to
    mean so much more.
    Now all it does is add
    to my already messy life.... more »

  • At This Moment

    as i sit here
    in this room all to myself
    just thinking all alone
    about how ive got no one else... more »

  • Awkward

    is it awkward when i say
    i love you?
    is it awkward when
    i run out of something to say?... more »

  • Bubble Gum Pink

    everytime i talk to you
    there's a new song in my heart
    a new hope in my life
    a hope that we'll never part... more »

  • Can'T You Just Love Me?

    you and i are just friends
    and i hope this friendship never ends
    cuz i can feel something starting
    but i dont think you do... more »

  • Controll Me Not..

    i needed you
    my world revolved around you
    you were everything i wanted and more... more »

  • Daydream Happy

    the colors of the black and white screen
    the hush of the lions roar
    the joy of a horrific scream
    the bang of a gently creaking door... more »

  • Done

    I’m done with all the games
    I just want to live my life
    Because when you play the game of love
    It can cut like a knife... more »

  • Dream On

    Dreams are reached
    By facing obstacles
    And reached by
    Climbing hills... more »

  • Dying For A Place

    theres a feeling i cant explain
    everytime that i hear your name
    just wanna hold u so,
    and never let go... more »

  • Everything..

    well sometimes it feels like the walls are closing in
    i'll fall down and it's hard to get up again
    surrounded by a million buildings with no where to run... more »

  • For Real

    I want someone who is real
    dont want another fake
    becuase i dont want the lies
    Lies, i will not even take... more »

  • Hidden Messges

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  • Hidden Scars Led To Hidden Soul

    she walks around with her head so high.
    she can be anybody's friend
    and get any guy... more »

  • I Am

    I am curios and helpful
    I am the mountains in the distance
    I am the crash of symbals hitting the floor
    I am a spirit, wandering in and out freely... more »

  • I Love You

    everytime i talk to you
    there's a new song in my heart
    a new hope in my life
    a hope that we'll never part... more »

  • I Love You & You Love Me

    i think of you every moment
    and sing a song of you everyday
    there just isn't a single thing
    that you don't have to say... more »

  • Im Running Out

    im running out things to say
    [im running out of lies]
    im running out trust
    [im running out of spies]... more »

  • Inside

    We all have thoughts
    That we want secret
    But some things
    We can't hide... more »

  • It Could Become So Much

    passing glances between two people
    making so much eye contact
    dancing in the moonlight nights
    and loving with all our might... more »

  • It's My Life, Your In It..

    the life i want is complex
    but yet i have one simple detail missing..
    a detail that makes a house a home
    and a mother, into a wife..... more »

  • Just A Thought

    sometimes i feel like
    a peice of broken glass
    a ripped part of a shirt
    a fallen down tree... more »

  • My Friend.. Drummer Boy

    i walked through the door and
    the first thing i saw was you
    your were just chilling there behind the drums
    and i didnt have the slightest clue... more »

  • My Motivation(Written As A Song)

    If you just knew
    What I’m thinking inside
    I think that I
    Would just have to die... more »