• My Song To You.. [i Love You Ryan]

    here i go again just another stupid day
    no one's here again to listen to what i have to say
    that's how i used to feel, when you werent around
    now your here to help me deal, your my security, ive found that... more »

  • No One Knows But Her/Lonely Girl

    no one she's there
    sitting there with her black dyed hair
    looking around like shes lost... more »

  • Pasted Smile

    when you were in kindergarten
    you could paste just about everything together
    well, i feel like that sometimes
    and i’m pasting on a smile... more »

  • Promise

    Don't ever leave me
    And don't let me go
    Don't be afraid to
    Ever let it show... more »

  • Ribbons In Here Hair

    ribbons in her hair
    thats al he could remeber
    there were ribbons everywhere
    just them no one else was there... more »

  • Set The Stage

    everyones waiting
    nothing really going on
    dont know what they are there for... more »

  • So Much

    I want you
    oh so much
    I want you
    and i to touch... more »

  • Stand In His Pride

    there was a time
    when life was rough
    there was a time
    when i thought that they were enough... more »

  • Tears

    some tears mean sadness
    some tears mean joy

    sometimes they're shed... more »

  • The Two Lists In My Life

    in my life i have two lists.
    one: things i dont miss
    two: things i DO miss... more »

  • Tired Of Feeling Like This

    im tired of feeling like this
    trying to stay all bottled up..
    convincing myself im happy
    when im not... more »

  • Wait

    I cant wait
    To be in your arms
    I can’t wait
    Till love is ours... more »

  • Why Did...

    why did you have to change
    go the total opposite direction
    why did you have to lie
    just to maintain protection... more »

  • You Came In Timee

    i feel sick and worn
    torn, left alone
    don't want to be
    me, dont want to shw... more »