• If There Was A God...

    I wish the world was not so bad,
    everyone happy nobody sad,
    why does God tear familys apart?
    does he not see what he's doing? does he not have a heart?... more »

  • Madeline Mccann (Becca Age 13)

    Only age three,
    left on her own,
    some sick person took her,
    will she ever come home?... more »

  • Racism - Colourblind

    It makes no difference, black or white,
    but racism they have no right,
    the comments they shout at innocent people,
    it hurts inside it's very lethal.... more »

  • World War Two

    In 1939, I think that was the day,
    When Englands army sailed away,
    They met Germany on the other side,
    'Here they come! ' The Germans Cried!... more »