• Be Careful

    People don't realise
    How friends can change,
    From time to time
    In the long range.... more »

  • Boys

    Guys sometimes can be great
    Guys sometimes I can hate

    The way they speak to you when you're alone... more »

  • Bullied

    What a word
    A word I wished
    I'd never heard... more »

  • Call Yourself A Friend?

    You called yourself a friend
    that you'd be there thill the end

    but when it got tough... more »

  • Charlie Boi

    You never used to talk to me
    But I'm glad that you are now
    We used to fight all the time
    Enjoyed our little row... more »

  • Death

    It gets to everyone
    It hurts everyone
    It brings tears to eveyone... more »

  • Emily

    Always there no matter what,
    To calm me down and make me stop.

    You don't want to see me get hurt,... more »

  • Emma

    You're wild and crazy
    You always make me laugh,
    Forever in the future
    Forever in the past.... more »

  • Friend

    I cannot ease your aching heart
    Nor take the pain away,
    But let me stay and take your hand
    And walk with you today.... more »

  • Friends 2

    I've noticed now
    My real friends,
    Who come and go
    And who's here till the end.... more »

  • Get Up, Get Up

    “Get up! Get up! Get out of bed,
    You lazy bum, you sleepy head, ”
    Yes, that is what my mother said
    At eight – oh – five today.... more »

  • Grandad

    Two years have passed
    From then till now,
    How I've coped
    I don't know how.... more »

  • Help Me

    My life as it stands sucks,
    Getting bitched about by mates
    And getting fresh dirty looks.... more »

  • How Would You Feel If Your World Fell Apart?

    My world
    My life
    My everything... more »

  • I Miss You

    I'm still thinking of you down here
    I'm waiting to hear you in my ear

    I'm waiting for a familiar sound... more »

  • I Need My Friends

    I’ve been hurt so very deep,
    By the one who once made my heart complete.

    He left his scars, they do not show,... more »

  • If I

    If I only stayed with you
    If I only grabbed you
    If I only stopped you
    Would you still be here?... more »

  • It You Ever Need Me

    If you ever need me
    I’ll be right here,
    To chase away the sadness
    And wipe away the tear.... more »

  • I'Ve Needed Help

    So many times I've needed someone to talk to
    And now I know I have
    Yet no matter how many times people tell me
    I can't say... more »

  • Laura - Flora

    Well what can I say
    About you today
    You're a star always to me... more »

  • Lay-Lay

    So sweet are you
    For helping me through
    The good and the bad
    Their never new.... more »

  • Learning From Experience

    If you fall out with a freind
    Over something stupid
    Don't be stubborn
    'Cos they're there till the end... more »

  • Look At You!

    I look at you
    But who are you?
    I thought I knew you
    I thought you were true?... more »

  • Mum And Dad

    I know you love us both
    And may think that I am strong,
    But I need hugs and kisses
    As they don’t last that long.... more »

  • My Baby Boy (17)

    I never knew the day would come
    Where I would see your face again
    You lay in my arms... more »