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    She looks at me in anticipation
    Her eyes saying follow me
    Then she dashes into her favourite place
    Her tiny paws leaving tiny flaws in the snow... more »

  • A Miracle.

    His kiss lingers
    Still wet on my forehead
    Yet a few seconds disappear and my heart begins to yearn
    For his presence... more »

  • A Wakening.

    A strong gasp.
    An abnormally loud snort.
    Wheezing, spluttering, heavy breathing.
    Unbearably loud.... more »

  • But At Least I Can Dream.

    Last night he found his way into my dreams;
    His touch felt so real.
    I almost couldn't stand just how beautiful he looked.
    Just as I remembered,... more »

  • Christopher.

    I went to our place today
    Without you.
    I should’ve known better.
    For it shattered all that we created,... more »

  • Dancer.

    I wasn't born to do this.
    I sacrificed a world
    That I should have seen.... more »

  • Don'T.

    Don't think

    That I would
    Think this way.... more »

  • Dot.

    Soft eyes look back at me
    Telling me without words
    That I’ve let you down
    We weren’t similar enough for you to matter... more »

  • Farewell.

    I know
    I won't be coming back this time.
    You look so perfect as you sleep.
    Maybe becuase that's when you can't hurt me.... more »

  • My Secret (An Ode) .

    In your
    Forbidden arms,
    Tracing your skin... more »

  • Nostalgia

    I found that jacket today.
    The one I always wore.
    I wore it again,
    Just so I could feel... more »

  • Think Small.

    This is my aphorism; think small.

    The bigger you get,
    The worse it gets.... more »