We'll there's not an awful lot to tell about me, just really that I like writing poetry. I try to write from points of view that are not my own, to help me feel the opposit point of view etc. I like to put twists in my poems when I can. Some of my poems are from personal experience (but I rarely tell which) you will probably be able to tell from the amount about cancer however that I have personally had cancer and gone through some very intensive courses of chemotherapy.
I think that if you can leave a legacy of 1 line that touches someone so it will stay with them for the rest of their life than you have acheieved a poets dream. To put feelings into words is a lofty quest! And to do it well a gift (One i'm not sure I posses but I have a good go anyway!)


Becky Kirk Poems

Forsaken Love

There's a mist before your eyes,
and it hides me from you
Love will never be our prize,
dreams of us can't come true,... more »

Where Am I Daddy?

Daddy I am sorry,
I didn’t mean to go away.
I tried my best to resist
But I was led astray.... more »


My heart aches, dull and eternal,
the raw and painfull desire of a woman infertile alone and maternal,
Each day in others joy I find my pain,
as I see their love the sun itself becomes a torrent of rain,... more »

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