• Childless

    My heart aches, dull and eternal,
    the raw and painfull desire of a woman infertile alone and maternal,
    Each day in others joy I find my pain,
    as I see their love the sun itself becomes a torrent of rain,... more »

  • Families

    Families aren’t easy,
    Not even just a bit.
    They’re like a jigsaw puzzle,
    Different pieces that just fit.... more »

  • Forsaken Love

    There's a mist before your eyes,
    and it hides me from you
    Love will never be our prize,
    dreams of us can't come true,... more »

  • My Angel

    The sun rippled in her hair,
    and my senses swam in her deep blue stare,
    my heart remembers her sweet perfume,
    and how her slightest smile lifted the gloom.... more »

  • My Everything

    Without you I'm a bird that cannot sing,
    If you're not here it's all a game I cannot win,
    When I find that you're not close at hand,
    No sun can shne across this land,... more »

  • Politically Incorrect

    Why does my job application gets thrown straight in the bin,
    because they have enough people with my colour skin?... more »

  • Terror!

    It stood there before me, souless and still,
    With the hideous power to sap my will,
    I tried to resist its evil force,
    But as I fought its power got worse,... more »

  • Untitled 2

    I looked into the eyes of the hideous creature
    and my loathing reached to its every feature
    Its sallow skin and greasy hair
    The long red talons and dirt residing there... more »

  • Where Am I Daddy?

    Daddy I am sorry,
    I didn’t mean to go away.
    I tried my best to resist
    But I was led astray.... more »