• A Christmas Together

    We need not snow,
    Or electrical glow.
    It's not a matter of weather,
    Because we're together.... more »

  • A Nightmare At Sea

    Darkness shrouds that floating shack
    An evil cold it does not lack
    I close my eyes and don't look back... more »

  • Cup Of Ashes

    Cup of Ashes here tonight
    Here to talk of my damnable plight
    Lost in tears, lost in flight
    Without sound, without sight... more »

  • Lost Romantics

    We've a heart that beats
    But only between the sheets.
    We've hands that wander
    With a fattened hunger.... more »

  • Midnight Observations

    Last thread
    Last dread
    One more blow
    You can call me dead... more »

  • Questions

    Scratching and scribblings
    The idealists hatchlings
    But do we have an idea or clue
    About the what and the who?... more »

  • Redemption Sound

    Life be found, where Redemption sound
    Redemption sound, where sin abound
    Twisted and marred, hardened and scarred
    Love for the scarred, softened the hard.... more »

  • Searching...

    Are we digging for what doesn't exist?
    Why in this manner do we persist?
    On what notion do we insist
    That this jewel is there in the mist?... more »

  • Show Me The Way

    It's all very simple,
    Quite simple, of course.
    Not a matter of gravity
    Or centrifigal force.... more »

  • The Beautiful Fusion

    There's a secret intrusion
    Deep down in my soul
    It has revealed an illusion
    And uncovered a hole... more »

  • The Shallow Ones

    We are the shallow ones
    the shallow ones
    the shallow ones
    Broken and undone ones... more »

  • The Shocking Truth

    Are we so very different
    From the ones we accuse?
    From the killer to the bad parent
    Does their pain us ammuse?... more »

  • The Trash Is Burning

    The trash is burning, the stench is in the air
    a thousand tongues, a thousand voices of despair

    The trash is burning, it reeks of sin... more »

  • Where To Find The Monster

    Just another shift
    As I coast and drift
    In my illusionary lift
    My blood is black... more »