• Angel Of The Night

    walking and wondering
    down the shadows of the streets
    wondering about the wonders of life
    and sudendly, there it was... more »

  • Hate And Love

    from the moment you left
    i never stoped loving you
    i never stoped dreaming you
    i never stoped seeking you... more »

  • Heaven Beauty

    i called her name in the dark
    i saw her image in the shadows
    i searched her in every corner
    angels singed a song about her... more »

  • I Love Her

    i saw beauty in her eyes
    i saw kindes in her smile
    i saw love in her soul
    i saw passion in her heart... more »

  • My Rose

    through the valley filled with flowers
    i saw a glowing light in the middle
    seeking what it is the light kept going far from me
    and i said to myself, is that the Rose of my life?... more »

  • Shadow Beauty Tale

    lost in the shadow of the moonlight
    hunted by her image in the dark
    shouting her name in the dark
    in every corner i turned seeking for her... more »