• Black Colour

    This black? The black skin is wisdom
    The skin free your world it's your doom

    Don't be shy, ashamed, or fear as a black... more »

  • Dream Wise And Clever

    Gentleman dies day after day,
    Reborn in the sunrise, bigger, better and wise,
    Sleep well and imagine your dreams wise,
    sensible, shrewd and clever.... more »

  • Flowers Of Life

    Amaryllis, amaranth, aster, azalea or bellflower
    Bird of paradise, blue bell, and bottlebrush flower

    Buttercup, carnation, cherry blossom, these flowers... more »

  • For Turth

    For truth, be truth,
    Whilst never so old,
    Any Moment cannot make that fake,
    Which formerly is truth?... more »

  • Golden Garage

    Our Smiling face like a large open ocean,
    On black road as snake, we argue; wishen

    A man has known all the forest and trees?... more »

  • Grave Is A Final Home

    Huge currency, splashy cars and beautiful building,
    Belly, pretty young lady, all that world re-electing,
    Decease handy enemy adjacent friend lug you now,
    Next morrow gaze your corps that clutch sole bow.... more »

  • How To Seduce Your Cell Phone

    Gawk the device
    Stroking it
    Licking it
    Fondling it... more »

  • I Cry, I Laugh

    I think, I Laugh in Home,
    I thank, I cry in tome,

    I look, I bark like hedgehog,... more »

  • King Of The Jungle

    Like the king of the harsh world
    In the hunt land, yet the elephant,
    The mama of the cruel world
    Benefit from the wisdom of king.... more »

  • My Birthday

    When I’m baby, cry, weep and sob to suck my milk
    Like a grass, rising as toddler, blubber for silk

    Silk form bright cocoon, I buffed, shined like a sun... more »

  • My Bless

    Have honey in my saliva, Words in my lips Sensible of exploiting these words in my brain

    Hadst bow and arrow that draw on to lob my words, brawny carcass that mirroring my eyes light-rain... more »

  • New Born Baby

    A baby boy, new-born baby boy with bated breath
    The Cry baby who cry to suck his mother breast

    The Baby boy mug mouth sock his mater moder milk... more »

  • Queen Bee

    In much forest like the queen of the bee,
    With the thousands of servant in the tree
    Armed by special weapon like an army
    Their target is to slaughter, slay in angry... more »

  • The Contree

    The contree, contree doom end in vain,
    The boom, the rubbery, the war is bain.

    The hunger, dead corps walks in pain... more »

  • The Moon

    Moon between two cluster stars
    Shall I compare thee to summers?

    Thus, blind men can see and breathe,... more »

  • This Throne Belongs To Creature

    Whilst the bulls’ dug soil, truck is the master missile to pick trees to congratulate
    Loud hum of bumblebee let her crush wasps? Social insect to assemble in thrones
    Once lion saddled for hunt in the harsh world, human creature in the forest celebrate
    Drone and queen ancestors of Emmet to fertile in colonies to take human thrones... more »

  • Two Gentlemen

    One two three four tomes
    In the table we play a game

    On the chair we drank an ink... more »

  • We Lost The Queen

    I awaken at the mid of the night, ache nearby all my spirit,
    Opened my twinkle eyes and reflect on the lot in my spirit,
    I roused early on in the cock-crow, as the pain still in heart.
    Mom called let me discerned; we fall down and break apart,... more »

  • Why Death

    Why you took away my queen?
    If I can ask, I will query death
    Why you took away my queen? Death
    I subbed, I for eternity cry why? Death... more »