• Born To Die

    Black ant on my bathroom sink
    Its light no longer blinks.
    Squirrel flattened victim of the tread
    It’s light has since long fled.... more »

  • Bread Of Life


    flour and water (Where can we meet?)
    Rising with yeast (Shall we dance?)... more »

  • Bricks And Words/Sticks And Stones

    If words were bricks
    would we wonder sometimes
    where we set them down;
    How we pile them up?... more »

  • Butterflies

    Butterflies are beautiful creatures
    with amazing features
    but they fly so erratically
    one wonders if they’re learning how to fly.... more »

  • C. S. Lewis

    C. S. Lewis knew all about Narnia,
    a country somewhere beyond Sylvania.
    There’s only one way to get there.
    You have to hide in a wardrobe and scratch your hair.... more »

  • Cast Of Characters (I)

    The Old Lady who lived in the shoe never had any
    even though they cost only a penny.
    You can always see her big, fat toes
    no matter where it is she goes.... more »

  • Cast Of Characters (Ii)

    Mother Goose liked to talk.
    With her children she took a walk,
    Went to the country store,
    Bought some candy and talked some more.... more »

  • Cast Of Characters (Iii)

    Snow White was not a happy girl all the time
    Living with those seven dwarfs who worked in a mine.
    She had to wash all the dirty clothes they wore
    And couldn’t sleep nights when she heard them snore.... more »

  • Cats

    Can a cat catch cold? Certain cats certainly can. Clumsy cats can. Can a cow chew their cud? Cows can certainly chew the cud. Can a cowardly crow caw? A cat can’t cow or cackle like a chicken or cock. Cowardly crows can caw but not cluck like a chicken can. A cheetah is a cunning cat and certainly can catch cold, a crow, cunning cats and certain canines. Call a cat and the cat comes. The cat circles, curls and canoodles. Cheetahs can’t canoodle.

    As the cock crowed, a cunning cat climbed into a cave, crawled, circled and calmly curled in a close-knit clump.... more »

  • Chair

    Who would think
    that a chair could be so human
    with arms to hold
    and legs so bold... more »

  • Che Bella Vista

    Frothy clouds swimming in
    Eyebrowing the cresting hill
    One last surge splintering
    Like sheep fleeing wolves... more »

  • Cheesy Moon (Ghazal)

    Look up and gaze at craters on the cheesy moon.
    A cow, a spoon jumping over the cheesy moon.

    Opening the refrigerator, what cheese now?... more »

  • Christmas Tree

    spreading the angel hair
    ......placing the star... more »

  • Cleaning My Empty Room

    I didn’t know this empty room was so full
    Until I began to clean its mess of emptiness.

    Vacant houses in corner webs,... more »

  • Color Blind

    What color do you see
    or is it what you believe?

    I see a horse blue... more »

  • Confession

    I must confess a certain ambivalence
    concerning my intentions, when clearly,
    I do not vision the connection between
    my “place of agency” and my inner spaces.... more »

  • Copperhead

    by the lake
    bronzed in
    layers of sun... more »

  • Cranes For Peace*

    In Memoriam, April 16,2007
    Virginia Tech

    33,000... more »

  • Creative Phase

    (inspired by John Latham's art)

    Today was my creative phase.
    Carved a space out of my room.... more »

  • Cutting A Poem

    time to cut the grass
    harvest another poem
    whirling blade, whirling thoughts
    helicopter gunships hurled in Shakespear’s spheres... more »

  • Danse Macabre

    We all must learn to dance the danse macabre
    Dance our wishes, dance in constant revolution
    It all began with the apple and the arbre... more »

  • Dawn To Dusk

    planet earth
    hurling into the universe
    magazines of starry galaxies... more »

  • Day Of Reckoning

    The sun scrambles over the hills
    taking census of all its kingdom creatures,
    holding them in its grasp
    pillaging every forest tree... more »

  • Day's End/Ende Des Tages

    The day is done
    and it's been fun.
    Down goes the sun
    and one by one... more »

  • Death

    What is it with this deceit:... more »