• Feeling Free

    Roaming the fields
    ................running free
    catching butterflies
    ................no longer free... more »

  • Fiery Flames/New Neighbor (Haiku)

    new neighbor
    he adds another row
    to the wall... more »

  • Filipino

    I love it so
    no wasted words
    Mag-McDo tayo.... more »

  • Finland's Artisan

    (to Marja Kristiina and her admirers
    .......of “A Home From The Heart”)

    her hands are clever,... more »

  • Funambulist

    Do you wander the field
    ................to catch that certain butterfly
    ................................or just any you can find?... more »

  • Ghosts Of Old Lovers (5 Tanka)

    working late
    through a sleepless night
    reluctant to be called ... more »

  • God Large Or Small

    Be God large or small?
    Small I think or else how
    can s/he be everywhere
    and not for any to see. ... more »

  • Good Or Better

    We strive to have the best.
    Let the rest just rate below.
    Good and better never meet the test.
    They must stand below.... more »

  • Grace And The Lamb

    (Painting by Mitchell Tolle, Berea, KY)

    Grace, so young with eyes beyond your years,
    Your face shows no tears or fears.... more »

  • Graduation/Midnight Passes (2 Haiku)

    at the graduation
    all the flowers
    in bloom (10th place in June 2009 Kukai contest)... more »

  • Groove By Groove

    A gift
    ......... is not a gift
    ..................until accepted... more »

  • Heaven 1

    I long to wander and to wonder
    that other side of life untried
    reaching down inside of me beyond nature’s side,
    urgings not yet satisfied,... more »

  • High Travels

    your Spanish may not be up to match the polish
    of an El Cid but when you’re a rhea
    you need not keep track of the et cetera... more »

  • Holiday Greetings (Hic)

    (written some years ago for my co-workers
    inserting all first and last names)... more »

  • Home Improvement (Haiku)

    new lazy boy
    his idea
    of home improvement... more »

  • Hope's Desire

    her soft-spoken eyes
    quiver with hope
    of a love that does not die.... more »

  • How To Find The Way

    Up to a gnu’s ankle bones
    swamping through the grasses of the Serengeti
    a prospector breeches
    hints of night’s voila... more »

  • Howard's Unity Tree (A Response)

    matter is energy
    constantly exchanging places
    time traveled in speeding space... more »

  • Hungry Moon (Ghazal)

    It slowly creeps across the sky prowling for escapades, that hungry moon.
    Darling, come with me, flirt with the night, I’ll protect you from that hungry moon.

    We’ll dance the habanera and let it have its way with us all the night.... more »

  • I Ate The Hate

    hate... more »

  • I Knew Her, I Hear, Rainy Day, Upending The Canoe, Angry Words (5 Tanka)

    I knew her
    in her saying yes
    I know her... more »

  • I Like The Way She Moves

    She rises
    Neptune’s daughter from the deep
    warming to the movements of a symphony
    for an instant poised in Boticellian style... more »

  • Images D’art

    How often you visit museums to view the masterpieces of all those artists of long ago, sit on a tour bus and do not see that lady sitting there, framed with painted face and eyelids shaded cum sfumato, her hair curled with such as those of Leonardo. Ecco her eyes when she smiles.
    How often you sit at a restaurant table and blink on pass the flowers dazzling their colors and shouting Van Gogh’s hello with the tableware so neatly arranged side by side and flowered napkin. You did not make to notice.... more »

  • In Her Office

    He slips into her office and
    settles in a chair comfortably
    while she cuddles the phone to her ear attentively.... more »

  • In The Night - A New Day's Color (3 Sedoka)


    The Sedoka is an unrhymed poem made up of two three-line katauta with the following syllable counts: 5/7/7,5/7/7. A Sedoka, pair of katauta as a single poem, may address the same subject from differing perspectives.... more »