• Murmuring Memories (5 Tanka)

    I knew her
    in her saying yes
    I know her ... more »

  • Musing

    wind like the ocean
          blowing waves over grasses
                ebbing to and fro
                      cresting the wheat fields... more »

  • My Foreign Girl

    She was hübsch and soft were her lips;
    All Musik und Tanz when she moved her hips,
    But with her my feet would not do the Tango.
    She was hübsch and soft were her lips.... more »

  • My Silence


    speaks louder than my words
    unlike deep canyon waters... more »

  • Nature's Signs, Nature's Time

    They swim through the sky waters,
    heading south,
    Rippling like a beaver’s swim,
    wood in his mouth.... more »

  • New Neighbors Moving In

    restlessly reinventing their spaces,
    weaving their choices into the neighborhood,

    Discontent with the already,... more »

  • Night Riders

    I’ve read about the tobacco ills
    In 1905 in Hopkinsville,
    the Night Riders and their fight
    To win back their rights.... more »

  • No Hope

    Nothing with no hoping is nothing
    Happening with no hoping is coincidence
    Seeing with no hoping is sightless
    Time with no hoping is doomed... more »

  • No Peace

    The cat knows
    to curl in the sunlight,
    seize the moment.... more »

  • No Promise Of Spring

    In marriage there is only one you
    –––– and many seasons

    No matter the outer changes... more »

  • No Worry

    ... more »

  • Nuclear War*

    Now is the time to
    Unleash what is long overdue.
    Cincture the fear of nations.
    Lock the wheel of proliferation.... more »

  • O Roma, O Roma

    O Roma, O Roma!
    Still under your spell
    I remember you well
    and all your aroma.... more »

  • Old Soldier

    onyxed on his doorstep
    a stare transfixed to opened hands
    what secret does he then... more »

  • On The Bus

    ... more »

  • On The Hill

    On the hill
    the valley
    an interpretation... more »

  • On The Wing

    Flight like the dragonflies,
    To flit like the moths
    Around the camp fires,
    Such dreams they sought,... more »

  • One For The Money

    didn’t add up to any cents
    but I’m still laughing since... more »

  • One Last Time (Ghazal)

    I can’t remember when our tongues first tasted yummy sugar.
    I still recall our buttered bread sprinkled over with sugar.

    Saturdays were the days we caught the whiffs of coffee cakes baking.... more »

  • One Last Walz

    table cloth
    borrowed moon
    ...............................................your perfume... more »

  • Opening The Orifices Of Higher Peaks

    In the university of verses and beliefs
    We are but novices of the opera
    In transit as stevedores knee-deep
    constricted by the fable of Ithaca... more »

  • Organ, Opportunity, Neighbor


    its deep voices the ground does shake
    yet colored windows do not break... more »

  • Our Time And Place

    We live in time
    not the place we’re in
    We can change the place
    but not the time.... more »

  • Paradelle* For You

    While walking in the park I heard a bell.
    While walking in the park I heard a bell.
    There was a bird singing in the shade.
    There was a bird singing in the shade.... more »

  • Parting

    is never, ever sweet
    when it comes to that
    I’m just simply too weak.... more »