• Thinking.Part 1

    Silently thinking about the life I should be living
    There has got to be more than this hectic life is giving
    The smallest little things seem to make my whole day seem wrong
    When I should have been trying to exercise some faith all along... more »

  • Thinking.Part 2

    But what truly is this other way
    Is it something I see, obtained through what I say
    Am I on some hidden path with a meaning all on it's own
    Or am I the leading soul drifting far far away from home... more »

  • Who Knows The Future? Who Remembers The Past?

    Who knows the future? Who remembers the past?
    At best we can predict and make memories last
    I need someone I can talk to, someone I can share
    Someones eyes I can look into and show how much I care... more »