• A Last Goodbye

    A last goodbye, sad mourning
    Another friend has passed on
    Departed, but not forgotten
    It's just the body that is gone... more »

  • A Sonnet: A Touch Of Your Breath

    Beautiful woman, sweet lover of mine
    I wish I knew what you are searching for
    Your warm tender lips, that taste so divine
    Don‘t know the answer, but could tell me more... more »

  • A Sonnet: A Year Has Past.

    That I see you so rarely is a shame
    I wish I had more time to be with you
    Don‘t get me wrong, I am staking no claim
    That we could seldom touch I always new... more »

  • A Sonnet: I Want You To Know.

    To find words to praise you, I must admit
    I have a lack of imagination
    For the phrases I write seem so unfit
    And not adequate for your laudation... more »

  • A Sonnet: I Wish For You.

    In your reservoir of charm I did swim
    Thirsting for your flavour I drank a sip
    Captivated I am now a victim
    Lovesick the fever has me in its grip.... more »

  • A Sonnet: So Much To Say.

    Surrounded by ears I watch what I say
    Constantly suppressing my emotions
    I live with a knotted tongue every day
    Holding back the truth of my devotions.... more »

  • A Sonnet: Tell Me Your Desires.

    Every time I walk the dog you‘re with me
    At night I lie in bed and you are there
    I‘m torn from blissful turns of fantasy
    When I reach out to stroke your auburn hair.... more »

  • Do I Ask Too Much?

    The time has come to bitch
    And demand more equality
    No one needs to be rich
    So let‘s rid the world of poverty... more »

  • Humanity


    It don't really matter, where it is you come from,
    Or what lingo that you speak.... more »

  • I Miss You

    Do you know how much I miss you?
    Or the pain in my heart, torn in two?
    The days are so long and so hard to get through
    Because, I miss you.... more »

  • I Still Love Her So

    I still love her so
    But she no longer loves me
    She‘s a married woman
    But likes to live her life so free... more »

  • I'Ve Stopped Writing Poems About You

    I have long since stopped writing poems about you
    So please don‘t think that I still care
    Forgotten is the taste of your soft, sweet-salty lips
    And the scent of your enchanting silky hair... more »

  • Maybe I‘m Half Way There

    I didn‘t get a lot of sleep last night
    So many things on my mind
    Now i‘m forty-five, though i‘m still alive
    Am I slowly running out of time... more »

  • Michael

    The gleam of your white armour
    lays waste to every contour
    edges as if washed away
    take leave, a loss of focus... more »

  • Mirror, Mirror, Forgive Me.

    It's late at night, I'm alone again, every night it's the same.
    I surely know the reason why, for I've just myself to blame.
    I stagger off to the bathroom, to wash and get ready for bed,
    Drunk again; I'll never learn, or get around to sorting out my head.... more »

  • Nasty Nazi Man

    Nasty nazi man, eaten up with fears
    Shaved your head clean, to look like your dumb peers
    The things that you rant, I don't like one bit
    Because your mouth is always, so full of shit... more »

  • The Failure

    You're a manifestation, of your own central stage
    Whatever is the topic, you become quite outraged
    You consider that your judgement is oh-so precise
    And your always more than willing to offer free advice... more »

  • What Did I Do?

    If this is the road that leads to emotional maturity
    Then that egotistical coldness is not for me
    Callus fools could claiming that time will heal the pains
    That lost love left in my weeping remains... more »