• A World Of My Own

    Quietly I sit in a world of my own,
    Feeling,... more »

  • Battle

    In this life we have ups and downs,
    in this world we have meaning and we have nothing.
    In the worm hole and vacuum of time life is only a fleeting moment,
    when life grabs hold do we let it pass by or grab it?... more »

  • Birth To Death

    Born in one way,
    Died in so many others,
    Emotion's come in a variety of physical strains,
    It touches the mind as well as the spirit,... more »

  • Climate's Of The Mind

    Cloud's in my mind will cease with time,
    A hope,
    Possibly a memory of a happier time,
    Float and drift across the open sea,... more »

  • Connections

    Left foot,
    Right foot,
    And grass between your toes,
    Gives you a sense, a connection to whats down below,... more »

  • Dead Star

    A dead star night is where this story begins
    Never ending and never showing its true seams
    Sitting quietly wishing a star would appear
    But alas the silence of the night bites... more »

  • Gone

    Where was I when it mattered
    Where was I when you needed me
    I was gone lost in a moment in time
    Trapped in this brain of mine... more »

  • Life Of Roads

    Thoughtfully I sit by a fire's light,
    Gazing up at the ever so starry mystical night,
    Thoughts of passion and love dance freely throughout my head,
    But for now I must repress them and focus on the task that lies ahead,... more »

  • Mind's In Flight

    Dig through your mind I guarantee you'll be surprised whats to find,
    A thought, a feeling, a reverse of some kind,
    Project your mind and float away to a beautiful place that you dream of during the day,
    Body at a standstill,... more »

  • Storm Before Sunset

    Energy floats freely throughout the air,
    Intakes of breath vitalize the mind and enhance the soul,
    Excitement grows and body's move rapidly,
    A rain dance happens just by chance,... more »

  • The Moving Rock

    Rock in the ground so sturdy and sound,
    Unmoving and untouchable,
    Until and unknown forces shakes your ground,
    Bet yet still you stay unmoving and sound,... more »

  • Turning Point

    The rush is breathtaking
    The moon has arisen
    Lonely and quietly I sit by my lonesome
    I look to the stars... more »

  • Waves Of Thought

    Serene ocean blue,
    Life so abundant in you where my human eyes can not travel to,... more »

  • Words On Paper

    Examples are set in more than a singular way,
    Behavior can variate from day too day,
    Mind's change quicker than a flash,
    In a blink some are moving to fast,... more »