Well I'm a amer asian and lived in America all my life. I'm a lover, a hater, and a visionary. I like to look at life differently from the people around hoping I can find something new to enjoy. I like the name Bulletproof Romeo, but it's a little too extravagent to be a nickname. Otherwise I just like to write and explore the arts. I'm in an awesome band called Memory Meets Tradedy, and that's about it.


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My breath is void of oxygen
My heart a scribble without rythm
I don't know what I'm doing
Or what I should have done... more »

The Ballad Of Johny Nothing (Scene Kids Have Feelings To)

As he walked through the door she was standing there
With her tight leather jeans and her long black hair
So he went to the mall and bought some new clothes
Then he tore up his jeans and he started to smoke... more »


Too scene for the scene
Too cutlless for emo
I'm nothing but my own
I'm everything and nothing... more »

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