• A Thought About Thought

    Now and then I think too much
    Or sometimes I think so,
    Yet thoughtlessness seems like a crutch
    For those who dare not know.... more »

  • Alone In The Crowd

    It's times like these I start to fear
    That I was born for a different sphear:
    It seems there's not much for me here
    Nothing, no one that I hold dear.... more »

  • Anatomy By Braille

    Like a coal, her hair's afire
    Not bright, but burning all the same;
    And so inside me burns desire:
    A low, smouldering, crimson flame.... more »

  • Applebee's

    I know when I am being worked:
    That sleight of eye, slight curve of lip
    Yet, even then, I'm not quite irked
    Even if 'twas for the tip.... more »

  • Arizona Sunsets

    I lounge atop my weary shed
    Drenched in sunset's dying rays
    Hide inside my weary head
    And reminisce on simpler days.... more »

  • Cutting Ties To Simpler Times

    I gave up my pride for fifteen dollars
    And sat as she cut it with care,
    Wondering why, for my pride, I paid fifteen dollars
    As I sat, sinking slowly into the chair.... more »

  • Pain

    I've heard it said that pain
    Often lays entwined with pleasure,
    yet most rent them in twain
    Not wanting the both of them together.... more »

  • Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

    Moments float like motes of dust
    Struck by some celestial light.
    Though they shine, indeed they must
    Float on still, beyond my sight.... more »

  • The Winepress Of Retrospect

    Aged to perfection, over years
    Of bottling sorrows and fears:
    Sweet Sadness breaks the heart and makes it possible to mend.... more »

  • Twin Oases

    Oh those eyes, those bright brown eyes,
    Like some scared mountain spring
    Once served this dusty traveller
    With needed drink and filled canteen.... more »