• [By any measure]

    By any measure, it was endless
    winter. Emulsions with
    Then circled the lake like
    This is it. This April will be... more »

  • [jumpsuits]

    jumpsuits, they have changed
    painting, I
    behind the concertina wire
    can't look at it anymore, that wall... more »

  • [The bird's-eye view]

    The bird's-eye view abstracted from the bird. Cover me, says the soldier on the screen, I'm going in. We have the sense of being convinced, but of what? And by whom?... more »

  • [The predictability of these rooms]

    The predictability of these rooms is, in a word, exquisite. These rooms in a word. The moon is predictably exquisite, as is the view of the moon through the word.... more »

  • Mad Lib Elegy

    There are starving children left on your plate.
    There are injuries without brains.
    Migrant workers spend 23 hours a day... more »