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so funny! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! :) :)
he can rhyme better than me
He is very funny and likes reggae
really good love that song
I love this dude he is a rastaferian [3
he is such a great poet.
I am in class getting facts about him he is 60
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I once heard a Benjamin Zephaniah reciting one of his poems, maybe on BBC Newsnight. There was a refrain something like, I love the grey I'm here to stay. My wife and I loved it and want to find it.
i need to know.... like very soon...... or any poems about magic?
or even magic? ? ? like my school is having a costume thing soon and i need to find a poem to match my costume (a benjamin zephaniah poem) and my costume is luna lovegood from harry potter
are any poems about magicians? ? ?
Asam poam
Benjamin, I'm an English (ESL) teacher and I'm looking for a poem of yours I once heard. It's called Who we are or Who are we and it talks about many differences and similarities among people. I haven't been able to find it anywhere and I know it's published on a children's book, I came across it at a Congress about Education and one of the presenters read it, it was beautiful. Could you please tell me where I could find it? I don't remember the name of the book either.
Yo man dese poem tings are sick. keep going man you were born with a gift. keep using it for the world to see.
Ilove this guy, saw him live a few years ago and have a few of his books and tapes
Hi I’m on Twitter I am calling u
he is an amzing artist in the poem with a great soul...I wish him all the great of luck... :)
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