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Benjamin, I'm an English (ESL) teacher and I'm looking for a poem of yours I once heard. It's called Who we are or Who are we and it talks about many differences and similarities among people. I haven't been able to find it anywhere and I know it's published on a children's book, I came across it at a Congress about Education and one of the presenters read it, it was beautiful. Could you please tell me where I could find it? I don't remember the name of the book either.
Yo man dese poem tings are sick. keep going man you were born with a gift. keep using it for the world to see.
Ilove this guy, saw him live a few years ago and have a few of his books and tapes
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he is an amzing artist in the poem with a great soul...I wish him all the great of luck... :)
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i love his poems :) he is amazing i like the Nature Trail.
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Actually he is so funny I like him🤘🤘🤘🤘😜
I am so excited to have discovered you on Poemhunter, Benjamin. You are a wordsmith par excellence, an inspiration, a delight to cope with my various stresses (and I am sure those of all your readers) , a shining light in (and a gift to) our world community. However, I am extremely disappointed that you only have 20 poems posted here, especially as I can't afford to buy your books, or anything that isn't what is best for my 5 animals (a dog, a cat and 3 previously feral kittens whose mother brought them to my garden in February) or essential to my survival. I would be so happy if you would post many more of your poems. Failing that, I can keep re-reading those you have posted. Thank you for your giggliciously serious poetry. :)
Read A Day in the Life of Danny the Cat, to my Year 5 class last week...they loved it. Read Danny the Cat Lives On! today. They thought it was going to be fun...they were shocked. They understood your message though and your emotions. Respect, Man!
dis poetry ting, me love it...
love all of his work. strong themes
Benjamin: I love your work. You express universal themes in simple language. You have a voice all your own.
Benjamin Its Black history month I for one will make sure I enjoy reading Benjamin, also Langston Hughes Maya etc, I enjoy your poetry man peace
Mr. Zephaniah, I am Lalaine B. Rebamonte, from the College of Education in the University of Cebu-LapuLapu and Mandaue, Philippines. We have chosen your poem SOS (Save Our Sons) for our Literature class to be analyzed as it gives striking stand of a brave person. Since our subject is in line with Literary Criticism, I would like to inform you that there are analyses gathered from our class. There will be different comments with your work and I hope you will be able to give feedback with regards to our comments. Very Truly Yours, Lalaine
I really like this poem because it gives a positive message for people who don't have hope camila gouffier