• A Nice Hangover

    With a broken face,
    and a blind eye
    four Latino strangers
    pounded on me last night,... more »

  • A.D.D.

    2155, it flashes
    it flashes
    reminding me
    that at some point... more »

  • Accepting

    we are God's absurd ulcer
    waking up and shutting down
    filling our waste dumps
    with glitter and sounds... more »

  • Amphetamines

    Good morning sir.
    Coffee sir?
    mmm yeah.... more »

  • Binaries

    There is no point racketing in the Matrix
    Friends are obsolete, Emotions?
    Forbidden. Numbers? Asexual,
    Your closest ones are one click too far.... more »

  • Black Holes

    There are no bad people
    in Renee's life
    just bad pinheads,
    and here they go... more »

  • Call Her

    In order to call her
    and say the right thing
    you have to forget about
    who she is,... more »

  • Changes

    October rain shimmers down,
    plunges into caves
    shatters the crusts and beggars
    of impoverished gates... more »

  • Classic Bull

    Do you like classical?
    Music? or classical utilitarianism?
    Sure, if I'm in the mood to.... more »

  • Cock'N Bull

    Here I am sitting
    pint almost done
    5 guys around a table to my left... more »

  • Deep Rising

    I lost my grandmother's ashes in one of my old apartments,
    In some video game's epileptic level bosses,
    Counteracting swarms of emotions with rapid eye movement dexterity,
    Jumping sonically from one platform onto another... more »

  • Done And Dead

    Stretch it out good,
    check yourself in the nearby
    glass to your left,
    polarized to perfect... more »

  • Failing Memory

    I had a dream
    last night,
    you were in it,
    your smiling eyes... more »

  • Flash

    one day i'll be able
    to click your name
    to open that damn window
    to write a few words... more »

  • Food

    You don't want to eat while
    You just want to drink
    more... more »

  • Friends

    Where are your friends
    when you miss them the most?
    They' in love
    and... more »

  • Goodmorning Love

    Death is cold outside
    and the early birds,
    what's left of them,
    will rise in a few hours... more »

  • How Long Does It Last

    i bumped into Kristie Alley
    drifting in a falling apart convertible
    and riding with 2 naked anonymous
    porno stars,... more »

  • I Can See God

    I can see him, her,
    whatever the latest trend is,
    he's everywhere,... more »

  • Insects

    sometimes i wish i was insect,
    the only way of communicating
    to my fellow neighbors
    being exclusively through... more »

  • Insomnia & Narcolepsy

    It's too late to write
    too late to drink
    very late
    and in a few hours... more »

  • Interconnectivity

    As i'm about to resume
    smoking my hashish,
    giving up on the booze
    for a few days... more »

  • It'Ll Come And You Won'T Even Know It.

    In life, in your sad little
    you come across people,
    good, bad, you don't care,... more »

  • Love

    ... more »

  • Love Thyself

    the slightest push
    you emancipate upon
    the multiple synaptic
    neurotransmitted magma... more »