I never knew i could write poems but i have always knew that i was describing myself in words that ryme. After 18 years i realized that i could write them down and share them with the world. I never wrote poems to anybody but myself. I felt like people were able to see me through my words and judge me. But then when i came to this site, i saw a bunch of people's heart and mind and i realized that i was in the right place to pour out what ever i have and join the flow to flow into the non stop stream.


Berhan Mehari Poems

My Praise

Thank you for your lives
That you have lost just for us
Thank you for the legs,
The arms, ears and eyes... more »

Never Say 'Why'

I never said why
When i had my good day
And won't say why
When i get my bad day... more »

The Feeling That I'M Feeling

I am loving this feeling that i am feeling.
who knew that it would be you,
for me to make me feel this feeling that i am feeling
I am feeling good,... more »

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Comments about Berhan Mehari

Josh Wade 20 Oct 2012 12:10
I think you are an amazing writer. One can connect with the emotions and feelings in your words. You express your self very well and make the reader see inside your heart easily. You seem to be kind hear ted and a wonderful person. I absolutely love your poem Flower. Lucky who he will have you. Keep writing. This world needs more of you to be a better place. I wish you more happiness in your life and that you will share more of your beauty. Cheers Josh
Senay Tewolde 17 Aug 2006 09:13
Dear Poet! I have never been good in writing about, not only people, but me. The poems of some people can easily make you capable or turns you to become one of a writer. It is a pleasure sometimes to admire and express the real gratitude of a reader for those who are very impressing people who can describe things the way individuals like me expect it, one of them is you Berhan T. I read all of the poems you wrote, and try to keep it that way. I am very frantic to read more of your poems next time.